Tanmay Bhat, the one famous for his below the belt humour has come under the glare of media. His so-called humorous video is actually detestable.

To get recognized among the peers and the teachers, a good student has to work really hard to excel in studies, sports, music or other creative fields.  But there is another short cut way to become famous and that is by becoming a nuisance in the class.  During our school days we have all come across those extra smart students who in spite of failing in the class test would pretend that nothing has happened. He would boast that he had all the latest porn movies in his laptop/mobile and have collection of all the adult magazines.  He used expletives whenever he spoke, cracked vulgar jokes, abused teachers and made fun of his parents.  When thrown out of the class because of his intolerable behavior he used to turn towards the class and smile believing that his popularity is now a notch higher.

But our concerned parents and wise teachers would always advise us to avoid such rowdies for our better future and good character.

tanmay bhat controversy Tanmay Bhat Shamelessly Insults Lata Mangeshkar And Sachin Tendulkar

But the time has changed now. This is an era of Freedom of Expression (FOE) – Right to vulgarity, Right to abuse, Right to nudity is the clarion call of all the liberal thinkers. So words and conduct which were unacceptable once are now glamorized. And those who oppose them are called as regressive and intolerable people.

This culture has given a new lease of life to people who do not have the capability to do something good for the society.  One such individual is Tanmay Bhat, famous for his below the belt humour.   His shows only showcase how sick he is.

Now since he does not have the creativity, the intelligence to do something meaningful so he uses the abuses smartly to earn his bread and butter. But whom to abuse to get noticed? Not just anyone.  So he shamelessly (not cleverly) choose Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar in a video named Sachin v/s Lata Civil War. In the video he insults both the individuals and uses lots of abusive words. He makes fun of Lata Mangeshkar’s face, her old age and asks why she is still alive and has not died. Hope every morning he asks his mother (if she is alive) that why is she not dying?

But did he succeed? Of course! He achieved what he wanted – PUBLICITY.  People are writing against his disgraceful act and well known people are tweeting against the video. And off course there are lovers of FOE who says that he has the freedom to insult others.  Anyone who is speaking against the vulgar video is being labelled as intolerant. With a heavy heart the champions of FOE are writing/tweeting, “How intolerant India have become that they are insulting Tanmay Bhat just because he insulted Lata & Sachin in a video.”

Once it was unthinkable that anyway can build their career by disgracing others.  Children were taught that they should be always respectful towards others and never say anything disgraceful. Bhagavad Gita also tells us that we should always say words that are truthful, pleasing, beneficial and not agitating to others (Bhagavad Gita 17.15).

In a civilized society vulgar & abusive individuals would have been either ostracized or sent to mental asylum.  But today if abusing mother India isn’t wrong then how can insulting her two prominent children be wrong.

anjali tweets Tanmay Bhat Shamelessly Insults Lata Mangeshkar And Sachin Tendulkar

So soon we will come to a stage where in a classroom students will openly hurl abuses at the teachers and get away with it. Children will use vulgar slurs if they disagree with their parents. And likes of Tanmay Bhat will come up with videos where they will mock even at the dead bodies of the soldiers.  A martyred soldier’s mother will be called a coward’s mother and will be asked that why she is not dying. Vulgar phrases will be used to describe a martyr’s wife and she will be asked why she is not again marrying. His children will be insulted. All this will happen in the name of FOE. And wait. We won’t be allowed to speak against it because if we do so then the award wapasi brigade will be appalled and will start throwing their awards at us, tears will be shed saying that how India is an immature and intolerant country.

It is just the beginning. Lata and Sachin are the latest victims. The abusive brigade got what they wanted – Free Publicity. And to hog the limelight again they will again resort to hoggish jokes.

By Purshottam Kumar

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