If Kangana Ranaut’s performance in Tanu Weds Manu Returns – does not get her a national or international award there is no justice system in the world

Go and see ‘Tanu weds Manu returns‘ a sequel of ‘Tanu weds Manu‘ made four year back. This offers you double the joy because there are two vintage Kangana Ranaut‘s here and you will not be able to decide till the last frame as to which one is the winner.

The competition in the film is only between the two Kanganas the tough Haryanvi speaking Kusum, a national award winner athlete product of Ramjas College and Tanu who has returned to Kanpur from London after her marriage with Dr.Manu (Madhvan) breaks up with him landing in a mental asylum.

Both the Kanganas are living examples of gender equality even though the plain and simple Kusum is physically assaulted by her folks when she announces her plans to marry a married Dr.Manu.

In the only scary scenario in this fun film the Panchayat is all set to set fire to Madhvan and his buddy the always rejected Peppy.

They are saved only because a boy goes out and asks for a match stick from Kusum’s brother. When he asks why he replies’Do aadmi yon ko plunk na hai‘.

In a film full of vignettes the brother asks his fellows how their honour was being affected if a girl chooses to marry outside her caste.

Are you dinosaurs that your species will vanish if someone marries outside” he asks eloquently to supporters of Khaps.

There are some excellent characters who tend to take your eyes from the Kangnas, Jimmy Shergill who fails to marry both of them because they choose Madhvan and the guy expresses his frustration by saying ” Wah doctor main to Ek bar bhi ghodi na chadh saka aur aap char saal se ghodi par hi ghoom rahe ho“.

There is a surplus of such one- liners probably the most famous being when an angry Tanu confronts Manu when she learns about his second marriage plans”Kya doctor Saheb hum Zara bewafa kya Huey aap to badchalan ho Gaye“. It takes some minutes to feel the full impact of the dialogue.

But the focus of the film as said are the two Kanganas both fiercely independent. Tanu who feels wronged by her husband of four years believes in using whatever or whoever she can hitch on to hurt Manu with single minded perseverance.  

Om the other hand the plain speaking Kusum full with buck teeth sans make- up is a rare treat to watch in Hindi cinema as she wins hearts with her plain speak.

She breaks down only once when she realises that even while she is taking the ‘Saath pheras’ with Madhvan that he still loves his first love ‘Tanu’ who refuses to leave the marriage site saying that she would like to see it through.

In her typical bravado Kusum stops after the six pheras and asks Manu to make up his mind because she would not go back after the seventh.

She tells him in her inimitable dignified style” Doctor Saheb main athlete hon. Ya main jeet jati hon ya haar jati hoon par consolation prize kabhi na leti.

She makes the ultimate sacrifice in style but when she breaks down inside her room after saying this, every heart in the audience weeps for her.

If this performance does not get her a national or international award there is no justice system in the world.  In a season of sales and discounts this is the best offer in town.

By Amitabh Srivastava

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