When teachers know that students are not interested in their teaching, then why cant they change their methods or attempt to introduce something new to students

A Teacher’s job is not simply teaching what they know but to learn how to make teaching effective.

Sleeping student bad teaching methods A Teachers Job is not Simply Teaching But Effective Teaching

It was one of those cruel, merciless mornings for which we all have deep contempt, the Monday morning. The classroom was in a pin- drop silence and i was seated in 2nd bench surrounded by poor, hapless students looking at the professor as if they were some prisoners of Tihar jail awaiting their release.

In front of me were the nerdy trio of the class, the embodiments of obedience, high efficiency robots sincerely copying each and every word their master utters. In front of them was the sadist professor as proud as Hitler in delusion of creating an Utopian world. He was repeating the same lines he had been explaining since last semester.

While everyone were in their own world, I was sitting there frustrated, disgusted at the traits of the professor, obedience of the robots, the college authorities and the whole education system. there were questions doing rounds in my mind. How can a person drone boringly about the same thing repeating like a trained parrot for years?

When teachers know that students are not interested in listening to them why cant they change their way or at least attempt to introduce something new to students. why don’t they encourage students to deliver opinions and want them simply to sit the dolls and listen to their story tale? How do they expect students to learn more when they themselves are making studies so dull?  Interactive learning is a word unknown to Indian education system.

No wonder the pedantic methods of teaching have slayed all the chances for questioning ability and innovation in young minds. 

By: A. Kruthika
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