Laugh India Laugh! Laugh it all off! Laugh your head off! Happy Tecaher’s Day!

Massively America-Nerved Indian Academic Community (MANIAC) Unlimited

[A nation-wide web of educators sworn to the American cause]


A warm-blooded welcome from MANIAC Unlimited!

We are ‘massively’ proud to announce the launch of our dream project

Take From India

Plus, India’s First


(“Educational Export Oriented Unit”, dedicated ‘cent per precious cent’ and ‘dollar per Almighty dollar’ to the building of the “American East India Company”)

On the occasion of India’s Teachers’ Day-2K16


Vision: The cream of India’s intellects intensively manning and minding the machinery of American national development.

Mission: To fast-breed a ‘massive’ made-to-American order workforce for America’s continued welfare and prosperity.

Trademark: $$$ Programmed for America™

Daily Prayer: Give me ‘A Merry Caw’!  Give me ‘My Crow Soft’! Give me My Computer, My Documents, My Photos! Give me My Music, My Videos, My Games! Give me My Me, Only My Me, All of My Me! Give me ‘A Merry Caw!’ Caw…Caw…Caw!

Sunday Hymn: Rule, Americana! Rule the Waves! … Amen to America! Amazing America! A ‘Massive’ America! Amassing America!

Community Anthem: “I, me, mine, myself! My selfie, my shell, my ‘cell’! … Let the devil take the hindmost”!

[* The singing should be strictly in ‘reconstructed ‘American’ (not ‘AmirKhan’) tongue!]

A Full Dozen Keynotes

> Chuck India – Check into America

> Train in India – Toil for America

> School for a Cool America

> Serving America’s Tomorrow – Not a Twinge of Sorrow

> Grooming the Game-changers of Tomorrow’s America

> Teach India to Reach America

> Elated to be American – Embarrassed to be Indian

> More American than Americans

> Fulfilling the Great American Dream, Gratefully-Gleefully

> Destined to Design the Destiny of America

> On His Most Gracious Majesty “Uncle Sam’s” Open Secret Service

> Twinned to the Twin Towers of America: a) The Sovereignty of the US dollar and b) The Nobel-like trophy of US citizenship


Wanted urgently

‘Doctors of Education’ (sorry, no Indian PhDs) to thin the Indian blood further and quicken India’s chronic, lethal “cerebral haemorrhaging” for America.

“What if” Visions Back & Forth

Fast Forward to 2017: What happens to Indian immigrants if Crown Prince Trump triumphs to the Presidential Throne?

Fast Rewind to 1893: What if Swami Vivekananda had not visited America and had not delivered his ‘world-alerting’ Chicago oration? [He lifted ‘11 September’ to historical fame by this oration, and exactly 108 years later, the Twin Tower Tragedy plunged this date into the abyss of infamy, contributing a dark ‘slashed’ figure (9/11) to the English lexicon.]

Laugh India Laugh! Laugh it all off!

By S.G. Seetharam, Mysore

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