Latest in Technology – Conventional becomes out of the season. Youth wants a change and those who know the requirement are making money out of it.

Indian mind is again on a roll. Yes we did it again. It had proved again we are better than many. In the Just concluded session of Indian science congress many ideas and inventions made by Indian in ancient times were discussed. Some may be part of fiction which was termed as history in the various lectures made during the conference. As we are discussing the relevance of ancient scriptures, one Indian Mobile company silently made its mark in the mobile market and reached the top by becoming the largest selling mobile maker.

Micromax Samsung Apple Logo Technology : Change Is The Only Constant!

Micromax the Indian brand defeated Samsung and reached the epitome of success. Few years back there are all kind of speculation that whether it will survive given the large influx of mobile companies in India, the quality it offers, large percentage of youth who likes to experiment and prefer global brand. But it silenced all kinds of myths and made it large. From a modest beginning it crossed the number in the highest selling segment.

There is no doubt about that Micromax has global vision and that is why it had made a well-known Hollywood Hero as its Brand ambassador. The incredible India does not end here. There are many companies in the market which are giving global brand a run for the many.

Another one is online e-tailing company Flipkart. Few years back two classmates from IIM-Ahmedabad started a small firm which starts selling books online. Within two years, its turnover reached around 30 K crores. By any measure it was not a small feat. First generation business people grabbing the market within no time. This clearly indicates that great ideas sell phenomenally. If you have some great idea then explore it, try it and increase it’s reach and hopefully someday your name may appear on the front page of a national daily.

flipkart1 Technology : Change Is The Only Constant!

When churning is taking place how can politics remain untouched. Riding on the wave of anti-corruption movement with the help of Twitter army Arvind Kejriwal unshackle the traditional politics. Today he has more followers than many heroes of Bollywood.If everything goes well then he will be CM of Delhi, the heart of India. People want change for the better.

The space is there for everyone in every segment. Bollywood is experimenting with different kind of movies and getting success commercially. Such a kind of atmosphere indicates the requirement of present generations.

Conventional become out of the season. Youth wants a change and those who know the requirement, are making money out of it.

By: Hitesh Pundir

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