No matter however ease technology might have set for us, in the long run, happiness has waned away in each of ours’ lives.

In today’s fast-changing or rather developing electronic age has invented uncountable gifts for us which have made our lives easy & and with all due comforts. Keeping it fast to value the time have let us overcome issues of boundaries and made the world boundaries-less. We are connected with the globe on one touch. Life is better, instead of ‘Hard work, We have new word ‘Smart work’. We have created all those amenities to make our living comfortable and life happy. But are we really very comfortable with our present? Why we have so many new diseases? Why are we buried with growing tensions and its side effects? Many of us are suffering from so many newly developed biological problems like BP, diabetic, heart problems etc. which we never heard earlier when life was controlled manually.

technology Our Materialistic World

Change in technology has reduced lapse time which ideally should have created extra time for us and that was the main objective of all this exercise, but on the contrary we are running short of time. Manual physical work is smartly handled to provide human comfort-ability, but this is dragging our life towards complications and increasing mental pressure. Have we ever heard “Stress management” earlier and now it is the corporate jargon and we try to train ourselves to deal with it by ancient techniques of Yoga, Meditation, and Pranayama surprisingly? So whether we are going forward or moving backward is a big question mark.

We claim that we are living in a modern age, yes we do. Reconstructing and restructuring our life and moving towards the world of ‘Sophistication’ but the question is here at the cost of what? Have we ever thought of this? Don’t you feel that we are losing our simplicity, innocence, honesty, more importantly, the peace of mind by passing every day? If we look back to olden days, we see life with clarity though it was slow but pure. It does require immense physical stress but they live in harmony; they lived with peace of mind, which we are missing today. We are becoming diplomat personalities than the pure soul. More machines than Human.

humans are machines Our Materialistic World

Everybody is so stuck in solving his/her own problems, in fact, buried in growing tensions created by surrounding that we actually don’t have time for ourselves, neither for parents nor for any blood relations. Parents neglect valuable period of their kid’s life just to make more money. Whereas kids return it while leaving their parent for better career opportunities or for higher education or for friends. They have not seen togetherness they have only learned priorities which they follow in their lives to leave behind relations/family and follow priorities.

Have we ever thought where this lifestyle will lead us? What will we get at the end? Is it for ‘Money’? How long  will it remain with us? Why we want to accumulate for next generation? Is it for ‘Fame’? How long will it last with us?  Are we doing this for ‘Satisfaction’? If yes then why we are always dissatisfied with present always? Why do we keep chasing one after the other goal? Where is the ‘Destiny’ of satisfaction?

We have all the time like; ‘ I ‘, ‘I want’, ‘I like’, ‘I require’, ‘I dream’, ‘I desire’, there is no word like ‘YOU’ and ‘WE’ in our dictionary, and that is whole and sole for us. I am not against of this development, rather we have been so used to this comfort lifestyle, but surely in the way of ‘Technology creation,’ we have distracted from our goal of ‘happy life’. We are not happy. We are losing our health, we are losing our relations and trying to find relationships in social media. We are losing values and creating confused mind generation and yet expect values from them which they have not seen within us.

nuclear family Our Materialistic World

Once it was an era of a joint family system, we learned individualism from the west and opted for a nuclear family system and now west are following our trend of family life. Once there was an era of Yoga and meditation for self-realization, we forgot and now the world is awakening the ‘Power of spirituality’. We have invented easy equipment, but we made our mind complicated like gadgets. This complication is traceable in our relationships, behaviors and we have lost the essence of life.

By Rajkumari Nagpal

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