The recent scenes in the Lok Sabha have been said to have killed democracy. Well, democracy died when various other evils happened prior to it.

Everyone is talking about the death of democracy due to the recent Lok Sabha scenes. But it is actually killed when government, official posts and parties are being run by families, when 5 lakhs infants die in this country due to diarrhea, when there is separate treatment for the so-called VIPs even at the place of worship, when there is designation called ‘common man'(what is ‘uncommon’ man in democracy?), when a person is defeated in elections and he/she is given rajya sabha seat to rule us and serve the public, when it takes 20 years to solve any civil court case, when there is a reservation based on religion and ruling party feels it does favour to public by doing its duty, when most India does not have right to education or food or clothing or hygiene place to live or electricity or clean water and many more. And we are talking today about death of democracy. What a joke.

By Sarath Garimella

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