The state of Andhra Pradesh has been divided most unjudiciously and the people of Telangana must retaliate by asking, now, for a seperate country.

It  is unfortunate that the Central Government at Delhi chose to divide AP, that too without any logical reasoning and in the most arrogant way. Smt. Sonia Gandhi feels that she cannot be questioned by anyone if she decides to do what she likes. In fact Bhadrachalam and both sides of Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar dams are in  Coastal Andhra.  Without these  places , it is not worth to be a separate Telangana state. I do not know how these points were missed by honest coastal people and by most corrupt AP politicians. If this injustice continues, I feel  Coastal Andhra People may not  beg Centre for justice but  must  dare to challenge the Central Government by asking for a separate country.  In fact they have a long coastline and they can contact some international bodies like China or USA for getting justice.

By Gadepalli Madhavarao

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