Common Indian Snacks are as unhealthy as Junk food.

Indian parents and grandparents often raise their eyebrows when their kids nag them for Burger, Pizza, Pasta and Frankies. However, the same parents do not mind feeding their kids with some Indian unhealthy snacks time and again – be it high on fats or Cholesterol. Here are 10 popular Indian snacks which are are very harmful to health. 

1. Pakora 

In India, Pakora and tea strengthen relationships. So, if the grumpy mother-in-law is angry, the daughter-in-law use Formula Pakora to calm her down, the Maharashtrian neighbor with the help of Pakora wins the heart of other Gujarati neighbor, the bride-to-be impresses her would-be in-laws by making excellent pakoras. However, Pakora though might build relationships has the capacity of destroying bodies. It is that sweet poison which increases bad Cholesterol, decreases good Cholesterol and makes one obese.

pakora 5031598  Ten Most Unhealthy Indian Snacks

2. Samosa 

Whether it is a Birthday party or Puja at our home, the plate looks a bit incomplete till there is a big samosa in it. No matter how much you love these triangular devils, they are injurious to your health because each Samosa has 25g of fat, the same as that of a large slab of butter. Yikes!!

Indian Snacks Samosa chutney Ten Most Unhealthy Indian SnacksImage Courtesy: Wikimedia

3. Cholle Bhatture 

Take the name of Cholle Bhatture and all our mouth starts watering conjuring up images your favorite  “thela” serving up this hot yummy snack.  Of all the snacks on this list cholle batture is highest in saturated fats and calories. If you were to eat two bhaturas and the cholle which is soaked in oil you would be packing in almost 1200 calories and 50 grams of fat. Acidity and heart burn are the common side effects we forget about while digging into this treat. Saturated fats ingested in such large quantities clog arteries as well as lead to diabetes and blood pressure. 

cholle bhature Ten Most Unhealthy Indian SnacksImage Courtesy: Yelp

4. Kachori 

Again a fried item, Kachori with all types of ingredients filled in it can be a real disaster for our small tummy. Acidity is an after effect of Kachori while obesity and coronary diseases are the long term issue related with this unhealthy Indian snack.

kachori Ten Most Unhealthy Indian SnacksImage Courtesy: Wikimedia

5. Bhujia 

Indians of all age groups enjoy gulping down a packet of Aloo Bhujia, sometime just to pass time. But, this habit of Indians need a full stop, mainly because the chemical preservatives used for storing Bhujia has the capacity to increase cholesterol. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in increasing blood pressure and sugar levels of our body.

Bhujia Indian snacks Ten Most Unhealthy Indian SnacksImage Courtesy: Indiamart

6. Pattice 

Full of potato and that too deeply fried, this only increases the unwanted starch and carbohydrates in our body. And still we see ladies wanting to end their fast by having the heart shaped pattice.

matar pattice med Ten Most Unhealthy Indian SnacksImage Courtesy: NDTV

7. Vada – Medu Vada, Sabodana Vada 

Many of the people think that Medu Vada and Sabodana Vada are healthy item. Well, although they might be healthy, don’t forget that both the items are deeply fried in an ocean of oil. If you really want to have a 100% healthy snack, then switch to Idli and not Vadas

medu vada mix 250x250 Ten Most Unhealthy Indian SnacksImage Courtesy: Indiamart

8. Pani Puri 

No matter by what name you may address Pani Puri as, or no matter how much ever you try to defend it, pani puris aka golgappas aka puchkas are unhealthy. The deep fried puris are not at all healthy (you never know if it was prepared in stored oil). In addition, the mixture of chutney too can cause a problem for you the next day in the morning.

golgappa 5031603  Ten Most Unhealthy Indian Snacks

9. Fafda – Jalebi

All types of farsaan is unhealthy as it involves deep frying either in stored oil or oil that has been repeatedly in use. However, fafda and Ghantiya tops the chart as it is made up of Besan (Gram Flour). Moreover, if Fafda is eaten in combination with Jalebi. That reminds me of loving Gujju aunty who says – Aaje Toh Fafda – Jalebi Khavaaj Pade!

Fafda Jalebi Ten Most Unhealthy Indian SnacksImage Courtesy: AhmedabadMirror

10. Snacks Made During Diwali – Chakli, Chiwda, Gujiya 

No matter where we go during the Diwali and Holi festival, all the aunties insists us to eat snacks that are exclusively made up for Diwali festival. Heavily fried with all sorts of starchy and fatty items, I fear that a burger without cheese would be better option than these sacred snacks.

Diwali Snacks Ten Most Unhealthy Indian SnacksImage Source: Indiamart

By: Deepti Verma and Richa Kaura



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