Tere Sheher Mai – Rachita & Rama’s wedding date is around the corner & so is the D-day of Sumitra & Dev’s plan – Will Rachita finally know that she is Dev’s daughter?

Wedding bells are ringing in the Chaubey parivar of Tere Sheher Mein TV serial, and everybody seems to be in bliss. The sangeet ceremony and the haldi rasam are going on and the wedding will happen soon. Well, at least that’s what the innocent minds are thinking including Rama and his father Guptaji. Nobody knows about Dev’s ulterior motives and of course Dev and Sumitra’s partnership or master plan.

Tere Sheher Mein daughters Tere Sheher Mein: Will Rachita Know that She is Dev’s daughter?

Will This Marriage Happen in Tere Sheher Mein? Or will Sumitra & Dev reveal the fact that Rachita Is not Rishi Mathur’s Daughter?

When Rudra got to know that Rachita is not Rishi Mathur’s daughter, he immediately informed Dev babu so that he can get good reward for his service. While, we thought this piece of information will change Dev completely as he’ll realize Rachita is his daughter, his reaction shocked us completely. Well, the news did excite Dev but to draft one more plan against the Mathurs and of course the family head Gajanan Chaubey.

Next, he immediately withdraws the idea of circulating Rachita and Rama’s photo and instead thinks of approaching Rama’s mother Sumitra who is none other than the Lalita Pawar of Indian Television. A perfect chaos, Dev decides to instigate a small minded Sumitra who is all set to go to Chaubey haveli to return their Shagun and insult him all the more.

rachita rama tere sheher mai Tere Sheher Mein: Will Rachita Know that She is Dev’s daughter?

However, being a perfect manipulator, Dev tells how Sumitra can insult Gajajan Chaubey publicly rather than within in the four walls of his own house. Sumitra have no idea that Dev is using her for his own ulterior motives but as long as the plan is to stop the marriage at the last moment, insult Gajanan and compel Rama to say “No” to this marriage, she join hands with Dev Agnihotri.

Though the viewers have no idea what their plan is, one assume that on the day of marriage the duo will reveal the fact that Rachita is not Rishi Mathur’s daughter but some other person. They will definitely reveal that the mother is Sneha only – shocking everybody. They dramatically will make sure that they announce the fact that Rachita is an illegitimate daughter whom Rishi Mathur adopted when she was in Sneha’s womb.

Will the Plan Reveal That Dev Agnihotri Is Rachita’s Father?

Well, Dev is very manipulative. He will never want to play all the cards at once. So, he will not give out the complete facts. He will just drop the bomb through Sumitra and also with the help of Rudra. His puppet Sumitra or maybe somebody else will execute the entire plan of revealing that Rachita is an illegitimate daughter of Sneha Mathur conceived with her ex-lover.

rachita dev truth Tere Sheher Mein: Will Rachita Know that She is Dev’s daughter?

Well, I do not think so that the revealer will reveal the name because he/she will herself not know. The main objective of this revelation is to insult the family in front of everybody, and Sumitra expects her son Rama will say “No” to marriage post this drama. That’s what we assume!

In any case,

Rachita Will Know the Reality

By revealing the reality, Rachita will finally know that Rishi Mathur is not his father but somebody else. It would be interesting to see how she’ll then trace he father and reach Dev. She will obviously have Amaya’s full support. Or will Rachita have no interest in knowing who her biological father is since he left her mom in that condition when she needed him the most?  Perhaps in that case Amaya will become a Sherlock Holmes and get to the bottom and reach Dev.

rachita amaya tere sheher mai Tere Sheher Mein: Will Rachita Know that She is Dev’s daughter?

Too many things on the block, Tere Sheher Mein just got interesting. Meanwhile, we have some cartoons on the show – Rama’s nani, mausi, bauji and her over-sized son Munnu.

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