Unite Mantu and Amaya, Rama & Rachita in Tere Sheher Mein – The serial seriously needs a rewind!

Tere Sheher Mein once was a fresh TV serial which revolved around a chirpy and bubbly Amaya who came to Benaras from Paris after her dad’s demise. Although, the serial is still running, it is not the same anymore. Thanks to the new twist where the young and bold Amaya has become a typical bechari bahu of the Indian TV series.

Tere Sheher Mein 5 Reasons Why Tere Sheher Mein Should Rewind Soon!

Perhaps after winning an award for the Most Stylish person this year, Amaya will now get the most rotlu award which was bagged by the lead couple of Yeh Rishta Kya Keh Lata Hai this year. One of the most pathetic tracks of the serial so far, here we share our reasons why the show must rewind soon.

For the Love of Mantu and Amaya

Just when we thought there is a scope of Mantu and Amaya’s relationship, Tere Sheher Mein took a strange twist which was not only unbelievable but also indigestible. The two love each other but every time there is a possibility of coming together they are drifted apart. Moreover, this time Mantu had even proposed Amaya. We need to see them together but the makers enjoy teasing the viewers time and again.

mantu amaya tere sheher mein 5 Reasons Why Tere Sheher Mein Should Rewind Soon!

We already have Enough Serials to See Atyachar on Bahu

Now since Tere Sheher Mein started with a different theme we do not want the makers to shift from that ‘theme’ to the saas bahu saga. It is indeed very annoying to see a modern young girl who is so progressive falling into the trap of an illiterate woman just because of her dhamiks. What’s more annoying is that, she is ready to sacrifice her ‘everything’ for her family and her family is misunderstanding her as they do not know the real truth. Yes, the same ghissa pissa plot which we see in every serial.

tere sheher mein sumitra 5 Reasons Why Tere Sheher Mein Should Rewind Soon!

We Would Rather See the Unconditional Bond between a Mother and Her Daughters

It was a pleasure to watch the unique bonding between Sneha and her three daughters. Inseparable, they would together fight with any situation and difficulty. However, now though the sisters love each other very much and even believe each other, their mother is reluctant to get into the root cause of the problem. The script writers simply enjoy in irritating the fans it seems!

Sneha Rachita and Amaya 5 Reasons Why Tere Sheher Mein Should Rewind Soon!

There is a lot of scope in Rama and Rachita’s Love Story than Rama and Amaya’s Hate Story

Instead of showing Rama and Amaya’s hate story, it would have been better if Tere Sheher Mein gave us a love story of Rama and Rachita. They could have shown how Rachita eventually falls in love with Rama. Though I personally never liked Rama and Rachita as a couple, but any relation is better than Rama and Amaya’s so called forced relationship.

amaya rama rachita tsm 5 Reasons Why Tere Sheher Mein Should Rewind Soon!

The Unification of Dev and Rachita is Still Pending

Instead of giving this insane twist, the writers could have exposed Dev, showing how he is the father of Rachita. Rachita could have hated him and the story could have turned in a direction which we would have enjoyed watching.

rachita dev truth 5 Reasons Why Tere Sheher Mein Should Rewind Soon!

Anyways now that the harm is already done, we the viewers would be more than happy if the show once again takes a U Turn, exactly from the point where Mantu expressed his feelings to Amaya.

Rewinding the serial is a must otherwise it won’t be long when the channel will decide to end the show because of falling TRPs. If Star Plus can turn a deaf eye and ear to Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan, it can surely be a villain to Tere Sheher Mein as well. Look at the coincidence, TSM airs at the same time now as that of DYM!

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