Read the unique concept, ideas and terminologies invented, used and thought by a Mumbaikar

Hardcore Mumbaikars are all the same no matter which caste, creed, religion or race they belong to. In addition, they have common traits, habits and even a common lexicon which is only familiar to them. Here are 7 such terminology invented, used and thought only the people who belong to this city.

1. Inflation = Rise in Price of Vadapav

No wonder whether you are a rich or a pauper, a hardcore Mumbaikar can have Vadapav as a meal and so if anytime there is a rise in price of Vada pav, Mumbaikar is ought to feel the pinch of inflation. Not to forget vada pav, missal pav and bun maska is the staple diet of most of the collegians.

vada pav 11 Things Only A Hard Core Mumbaikar Says

2. Most Important Task = To Catch the Mumbai Local, timing 9.07, 10.16 etc.

Round timings never work for a true Mumbaikar when it comes to catching a Mumbai Local. He/She will go through all odds to catch the 9.07 local. No, missing 9.07 train and catching 9.15 train can never be a solution here. In fact, chances are his whole day will mess up big time if he delays this precious 8 minutes of his morning.

mumbaikar local train 11 Things Only A Hard Core Mumbaikar Says

3. Madrasi = People from South India including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, Bhaiyya = People from 3 Northern States Bihar, UP and MP

No matter how much you make the Mumbaikars understand that you are a Mallu, Telugu or a Kannada they will tag you as a Madrasi. For them all are same. In addition, they willcall you a Bhaiyya the moment they know you belong to any of the three states – Bihar, UP or MP.

amitabh bhaiyya 11 Things Only A Hard Core Mumbaikar Says

4. Boss is the waiter and Manager is the actual boss at office

Mumbaikar will never address the waiter as “Ae” or words that are disrespectful. All the waiters, cobblers, tapri wallahs and sometimes even the rickshaw wallahs and cabbies are boss while the real boss sitting in the office are either a manager, GM or a VP.

boss 11 Things Only A Hard Core Mumbaikar Says

5. Cutting = Cutting Chai not Chopping

While, rest of the India might take “cutting” as cutting of hair in the nearby salon or cutting of vegetables, for Mumbaikars, cutting solely means cutting chai. Being very peculiar of their cutting chai, you may find people strolling at the tea stall after coming out of restaurants.

chai 11 Things Only A Hard Core Mumbaikar Says

6. Upvas ka Chawaal, Upvas Ki Kachori, Chinese Dosa and Jain Chicken is the common menu in Restaurants

What is a upvas when you indulge in food and that too sitting in a restaurant? However, enter any of the lunch homes or restaurant during the lunch hours of the Upvas days – Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and you’ll see several Mumbaikars, both men and women ordering – “Ek Upwas ki kachhori..”

upvas 11 Things Only A Hard Core Mumbaikar Says

7. Town = South Mumbai/Old Bombay

A definition of town is a place which is smaller than a city but a larger than a village. However, when a Mumbaikar says Town, he doesn’t mean what is in between a Village or a city – He simply means South Mumbai/Old Bombay.

8. Dhating = Drama/Dramebaaz/Nautanki

Many of my friends across India while watching Gauhar Khan doing the dhanting rap in the Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 asked me what is dhating? Well, dhating means drama in a funny way, let’s say it is a synonym of “Nautanki”.  That reminds me Dhanting Naach of the Shaheed Kapoor starrer Phata Poster Nikla Hero.

9. Chapri = Dirty/Unclean Person

Chapri is the name of a place both in India and Pakistan. In addition, it is a special type of pancake in Bangladesh but chapri in Mumbai means dirty/unclean person. You may commonly hear these sentences from a Mumbaikar with respect to Chapri – “Don’t come like a chapri with me in the party” or “Will you stop talking to those roadside chapris!” amirkhan rangeela 11 Things Only A Hard Core Mumbaikar Says

10. TTMM = Tu Tujha Mee Majha/Tu Tera Mai Mera (You – Yours, Me – Mine)

Ask somebody in an college or a office – “Who is giving the treat?” and there comes the reply from the Mumbaikars, “TTMM hai” which means nobody is giving the treat – You shall pay yours and I shall pay mine!

ttmm party mumbai 11 Things Only A Hard Core Mumbaikar Says

11 Ghunghru Salman = A Wannabe  Actor

“Oh Ghunghru Salman” is the term used for all those curly haired boys who try to act like Salman, the Dabbang Khan. Earlier it was Radhey Naam for all those Mawaalis maintaining hairstyle like that of Radhey urf  Salman in his movie Tere Naam.

Ghungru Salman KhAN 11 Things Only A Hard Core Mumbaikar Says

Moreover, for all Hardcore Mumbaikars, hill station is Lonavala and Matheran, dance is “Visarjan” dance and jackpot is getting off at Andheri from the fast Virar Local in the peak hours.

What other concepts/terminologies you can think of which belongs only to Mumbai – the mayanagri?

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source:, Hindu, Indian Express

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