Terror Boat or not – Catch the entire story as reported by Indian Media! Also, check the speculations around the boat!

Terror Boat or not is the question. Here’s what Indian Media has to say:

The Incident

On New Year’s Eve, intelligence agencies had inputs that a boat had sailed from near Karachi to carry out what sources described as “an illicit transaction” in the Arabian Sea, about 350 kms south west of Porbandar in Gujarat. A midnight operation was launched using ships and a Dornier aircraft to locate the fishing boat. After a three-hour search, the unlit boat was located, and a Coast Guard ship that was patrolling the area was diverted. The Coast Guard fired warning shots at the boat, which then sped up and tried to escape. After a one-hour chase, the men on board who had gone below deck set fire to the vessel. A huge explosion and flames were seen. – NDTV

terror boat blast Terror Boat or Smuggling Boat   Know the Details via Indian Media

Four persons were seen on the boat who disregarded all warnings by the Coast Guard ship to stop and cooperate with investigation. Soon thereafter, the crew hid themselves in below deck compartment and set the boat on fire, which resulted in an explosion and major fire on the boat. – TOI

“A Coast Guard Dornier aircraft undertook sea-air coordinated search and located the suspect fishing boat. Thereafter, the Coast Guard ship on patrol in the area was diverted and intercepted the unlit boat at about midnight of 31 December” – Manan Kumar, DNA 

Whether it was a boat carrying Terrorists?

If it really was a boat carrying terrorists for a 26/11 kind of an attack, its crew would have attacked the Coast Guard ship first and blown up the boat only after harming the Coast Guard – Manan Kumar

Here It Seems It Was a Smuggling Boat

Less than 48 hours after the Coast Guard destroyed a boat it suspected was ferrying explosives and terrorists from Pakistan into Indian waters, new evidence has begun to emerge that those on board might have been small-time liquor and diesel smugglers, ferrying bootleg cargo from the port of Gwadar to other fishing boats which were to have carried it into Karachi’s Keti Bandar harbour. – Praveen Swami, Indian Express.

Whether a Terror Attack was Planned?

But three naval officers told The Indian Express it was inconceivable that Pakistani fishing boats — typically four-crew vessels, with an average length of less than 25 metres and equipped with 80-220 horsepower diesel engines, or smaller mechanised sailboats with 30 horsepower engines — could outrun the Coast Guard’s state-of-the-art ships. –  Praveen Swami, Indian Express.


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