Pakistan gets all the details about terrorists to archive them and not act against.

Pakistan’s terrorist list is opportunity for India.Pakistan Federal investigating agency(FIA) ‘red book ‘ , a list of most wanted terrorists by Pakistan, listed 20 terrorists associated with Lashkar-e-Taiba & who were involved in 26/11 Mumbai attacks.
lakshar e taiba Terrorists Are Free Birds Because Pakistan Doesnt Cage Them
These men still appear in the fugitive list of Pakistan.All these Pak nationals who are yet to be arrested were involved in arranging logistics, boats, funds, internet connections for the attack, FIA claims. FIA had booked these 20 Pak nationals as most wanted terrorists. The list of accused is headed by Md Amjad Khan, known as LeT organizer based in karanchi.This list contains details of all aspect of 26/11. This is the second evidence within a few days exhibited by Pakistan itself for their involvement in 26/11 attack. This is the high time that Indian government avails this opportunity to expose Pakistan on world form in general & to get them alienated from their two core supporters, that is USA & China. Here  Indian diplomacy will have to prove its superiority over the Pakistan. If we failed to en cash these evidences, then certainly there will be question mark over the capability of  Indian diplomacy.
Pakistan’s continuous terrorist attack drains our exchequer dearly. Besides financial involvement, we lost lives of men & animals. Besides there is a common insecurity among country men in general & those who resides near LOC in particular. It is the terrorist due to which about 4 lakhs Kashmir pandits became refugees on their own soil.
We provided sufficient documents & dossiers of culprits, they would have been convicted had been the Pakistanis honest. But from the beginning they are in denial mode. Now these evidences generated by Pakistan itself will suffice to expose , alienate & force them to convict the .
In 26/11 attack, 6 terrorists were being trialed by Pakistani court. But trial is lingering for years & Lakhvi as alleged is residing in a Guest house guarded by ISI. Pakistan refused to arrest another master mind in 26/11, Hafiz.
mumbai terror attack taj Terrorists Are Free Birds Because Pakistan Doesnt Cage Them
This is the real diplomatic test of Modi government.
By Dinesh Mishra
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