The way in which the CSA has been arm twisted is well and truly an indication of the way in which the BCCI remote controls the world of cricket

So, at last it seems the power struggle between the BCCI and the elected CSA chief Haroon Lorgat seems to have come to an end after the representatives of the two boards thrashed out the rough plan of the Indian team’s tour to South Africa at the end of this year. However, the way in which the BCCI and the CSA agreed on the tour ‘in principle’ was quite staggering, considering the shenanigans (BCCI’s Vendetta ) that had gone on over the past few weeks. The very fact that the tour might at least happen is a welcome relief for cricket fans although the series has been truncated as per the whims of the BCCI.

Right from the time the CSA first elected Haroon Lorgat to the post of President, the BCCI top brass had been uncomfortable about the appointment and the best way they could get back at the CSA was by trying to scupper the Indian team’s tour, which is what they wanted to do when they objected to the tour itinerary that were published by the CSA without due consultation. Hence a fully fledged series that initially included 5 ODIs, 3 Tests and a couple of T20s has now been amended and would probably include 2 Tests, 3 ODIs and a solitary practice game.
How did it come about?

The whole compromise, for the want of a better word, was reached after the CSA officials supposedly informed the BCCI mandarins that Haroon Lorgat would be sent on a ‘long leave’ and hence would not have anything to do with the actual administrative responsibilities that he has been elected to perform. As a matter of fact, the whole thing, this has been done so that the BCCI did not have to deal with Mr. Lorgat regarding any aspects of the tour and considering the financial interests at stake for the CSA, they really had no choice but to yield to the whims of the BCCI, who could easily have cancelled the tour altogether if it felt like doing so.

200px BCCI Logo.svg The BCCI Agrees ‘In Principle’ to Send a Team to South Africa


The way in which the CSA has been arm twisted is well and truly an indication of the way in which the BCCI remote controls the world of cricket and in addition to that, their decision to shorten the series from 3 Test series to a 2 Test one also makes it tougher for India to win a series in South Africa for the first time, keeping in mind their usual struggle in the initial part of a tour to that country. This was a series that could have been the highlight of the year and in fact people were waiting for it with more keenness than they were waiting for the Ashes, but the way in which it has been watered down has surely taken away a bit of sheen.

As a footnote it might be worthwhile to mention that those cricket fans (including me) that might be licking their lips at the thought of a 5 Test series against England next year should tread carefully since the BCCI can suddenly invite Zimbabwe or Bangladesh for a quick series and reduce the England Test series into a 3 Test series.

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