An axe attack on one of the students followed by a dastardly assault on a girl has defaced the institutional image of Jawaharlal Nehru University

The green lush, the seclusion and serenity of the wide lanes and by lanes, the intellect, the humour, the political fervour, the wits, the fun, the guitar strums and debates infest life into it. I was soaked into the bubbling spirit of the campus as soon as I whizzed through the gates for a midnight munch at 24×7 Ganga Dhaba with my friend and off course a proud member of the institution. The campus never made me feel an alien. I was quickly bosomed into the warmth of the campus. I quickly remembered and made to believe what one of my friends from Delhi once told me, ‘JNU is not just the safest corner of the capital city but the entire country perhaps’. The students and every member of the institute has a different persona altogether. Yes I am talking of the much respected institution of India

The Jawaharlal Nehru University or the dearly known JNU.

But I am pretty sure that the reasons why the institute has been hitting headlines lately have shuddered many like me. First, an axe attack on one of the students and then again an alleged assault on a girl by a Bihar boy has defaced the institutional image. The incidents have manifested the ‘changing face of the institution’ losing the honour, the dignity that each corner of the campus would once speak of. The Indian society which was once a bank of rich cultural heritage has sullied over time and these incidents are nothing but extensions of the hoax craft India is soaked in.

JNU Campus Poster The Changing Face of Jawaharlal Nehru University

JNU Campus Posters

Incidentally both the incidents happen to be fallouts of love and relationship. If you put up a retort against the college authority I stand strong in defense. It is in you, me and us and certainly not them. The patriarchal mind set ingrained in every mind, that male bruised ego that cannot accept rejection has been nurtured in you from time immemorial. Whether it is JNU or any other institution, it can only offer an environment to motivate yourself at the best; it does not prescribe guidelines for a liberal outlook towards life, for being a human being first and then a scholar. For every man out there, violence does not reinforce the machismo in you, you can be remembered for better reasons if you accept that you are not the best man born on this earth. Just like you, every girl has a free right to choose and reject.

The dysfunctional society outside the walls of the campus characterized by violence, masculinity, power play and skewed notions has crept into the safest haven. The jilted lovers of the society are the biggest losers, and institutions, ambience, education are just not the appropriate rehabilitative parameters. After all how long an institution would retreat from reality? JNU has long strived to shun with the dented social fabric, but the members are unfortunately a part of it. They are carrying in them the disfigured gene of male chauvinism.

Enforceable laws are not the need of the hour. What India needs is rehabilitation and counselling for these diseased souls. Considering the dignity of the institution, JNU should take a pioneering step in refurbishing ailing India.

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Image Source: JNU Campus Poster

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