Of late it has been quite a heartfelt feeling to note the state of affairs regarding out foreign policy. We assume to be one of the fastest growing economies in the developing world but at the same time the weakest of the nations when it comes to making our mind viz a viz our position […]

Of late it has been quite a heartfelt feeling to note the state of affairs regarding out foreign policy. We assume to be one of the fastest growing economies in the developing world but at the same time the weakest of the nations when it comes to making our mind viz a viz our position in the international arena.

Take the instance of China, our erstwhile neighbor and arch competitor in the world economic panorama. The unaccounted positioning of its army troops on the eastern Ladakh region was taken by surprise by the Indian Army. The Scars of the Kargil fiasco has not got over as of now and we are sensing deep trouble with a much stronger neighbor with respect to its military and economic might.

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As per protocol, the troop deployment of the Chinese Army was immediately reported to the snoozing Indian establishment, which taken off guard could not have done better than re-position its troops on the exact pattern of the Chinese patrol. The Indian press, which is always has a knack for sensational news , reported the matter with quite frivolity and did its best to keep it alive day by day , thus creating an anxious atmosphere in the political fracas.

The Real Chinese Menace

India has been quite unfortunate to not tap the economic resurgence of its close neighbor over a period of time. As per estimates, China would be forgoing the US in terms of the largest economy by the year 2020, and seeing its economy grow (average of 9% in last 10 years), we could have done much more in terms of business and other spheres of economic activity. Instead our laid back approach and quite a bit of policy paralysis of political establishment, we are on the bottom of pyramid when it comes to doing business with the Asian giant.

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Statistically , China beats us on all counts of business and economics, its humungous economic appetite ( currently $3 Trillion), overshadows our business interests across all and sundry, be it securing land across Africa for our food security or searching for oil in the South China Sea, Chinese beat us tactfully and with alacrity. Our Snoozing demographic setup is in deep mess and we have not ascertained the Chinese magnanimity (while retracing from the eastern Ladakh region) in the long run.Its way of doing international business and politics of arm twisting has been quite a success, be it stopping our passage to the elite P5 club of the nuclear powered nations or joining hands with Pakistan to build infrastructure on the Pakistani side of the territory in J&K, Chinese have always dominated the era with their political and economic clout, we are clearly no way near the impending trouble

Polity The Pot Boiler

As the news of Chinese incursion spread in the media, the Indian politics got a food for thought and started its mind game of political bickering and name blame. The ruling congress party was the one , no one could spare a miss and our honorable Prime Minster was again termed as Mr DoLittle. Almost all political parties did take recourse to all available facts and figures while commenting on the Chinese misadventure. Did any one of us saw the same from the other side of the border (We hardly know Chinese language was the excuse!).

The Responsible media did its best to showcase the political apathy which this country is going through in the matters of securing its border, this being the election year, every political party wants no stone to be unturned to secure a whimsical win over its arch rivals, and Chinese incursion did the trick for most of them. Note here that most of the senior ministers only kept the problem on the table and not the solution as to what needs immediate attention to shove off Chinese threat. The only solution the opposition sought was the removal of the Prime Minister on the basis of no action!

Awakening Of The Indian Elephant

There have been reports in the media that the Indian establishment has heeded to some of the demands of the Chinese and as a retroactive measure, the withdrawal of the Chinese forces came into effect. Both the armies retreat, but did anyone think, that if Chinese came intruding 19 Kms inside the Indian side of the border, what was the need of Indian Army to back step from its own land? There is quite a lot that does not meet the eye and the Indian public is being clearly befooled in thinking that all is now well on the Chinese front.

This time things may have not escalated to a light skirmish, but times are not far off when all of us would be bewildered to read the morning newspaper that China has again treaded the Indian soil and this time much deeper on the Indian side of the border. We need to bring the Chinese on the table and showcase our interests at all levels and thus engage in a proactive dialogue and establish a relationship of long term commitment which is conducive to the overall growth and stability of the south Asian region.

At the domestic level, a clear norm of the day is a strict policy to tackle the Chinese threat, both military and economically. We as a nation can do it with prudence and all political parties need to sit down and brainstorm and thus cofound a resolution as to what needs to be done to tame the Chinese advances…All that is required is a political will …rest will follow suit…

Image Source : IANS

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