The movie, The Fault in our Stars, like the book of John Green keeps up the expectation of the viewers with its plot & quotable quotes. Read the review of the film

After a long time, infinity actually, have I seen a film like The Fault in Our Stars based on the novel by the same name written brilliantly by John Green.  

The story about two teenage cancer patients Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters who fall in love at a support group meeting for cancer patients is star- crossed from the first day. 

the fault in our stars1 The Fault in Our Stars Is Sheer Poetry in Prose

And yet the author manages to keep the plot beyond melodrama or pathos. The story keeps moving at the pace set by the two protagonists who are all the time mocking certain death. Their love shines like a bright candle amidst the threatening storm without ignoring the grim reality as they go for regular check- ups like obedient children. 

So prepared are Hazel and Augustus for the inevitable that they have even prepared their Eulogies for each other. And since Augustus has to go first as his medical report indicated that he had become a ‘grenade’ that could explode any time he even arranges a mock funeral programme to know what his best friends think of him.  

tfios movie The Fault in Our Stars Is Sheer Poetry in Prose

So sure are they about the course of their lives that even the shock on meeting a mean hearted Peter van Houten in Amsterdam her favourite author fails to dampen the spirit of Grace Hazel. 

Hazel Green has taken the title of his book from Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ where Cassius tries to provoke Brutus into joining the plan to assassinate an ambitious Caesar by telling him- 

‘The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars/But in ourselves that we are underlings’ 

The film will be noted for the number of quotable quotes that it provides and there could be a whole article on it which would also be unable to do justice to it. One of the my favourite picks from the film is one by the hero Augustus which goes- 

 You don’t have a choice if you get hurt in this world, but you do have a say in who hurts you. I like my choices, I hope she likes hers. 

Incidentally among all the plays by Shakespeare it is Julius Caesar that has the maximum dialogues that are known as well known proverbs. I was told to mug up almost half the play when it was in my course in school. 

By: Amitabh Srivastava

Image Source: The Fault In Our Stars, TFIOS

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