Controversy never seems to leave Kapil Sharma and here we have a fresh case against the Kapil Sharma Show. This time the complaints is the nursing staff

Few days ago we had shared an article on The Kapil Sharma Show telling you how the show is fully misogynistic with jokes that in a way insult the fairer sex. No wonder, when Kapil Sharma is in any show, it has jokes that are not only stupid but also worthless that simply target women and make fun of them.

Still, he is hit amongst the masses and a lot many people love his show. No just the aam aadmi even the khaas like the celebrities and Film personality have been showering a lot of love on him.

13kapil sharma show5 The Kapil Sharma Show Has Angered the Nurse Community   Know the Complete Story!


No wonder, this is one of the reasons why Shah Rukh Khan was seen on the very day episode of the Kapil Sharma show and we are sure most of the A listers will be seen coming on the show again and again to promote their film. However, that doesn’t keep the show away from the controversy especially since the concept of the show is quite bigotry.


Yes, courtesy the jokes and the portrayal of woman in his show, The Kapil Sharma show has once again run into controversy. While Kapil has retained most of his partners in crime from Comedy Nights With Kapil, there are a few additions in the show.



One such addition is Rochelle Maria Rao, the gorgeous nurse who everyone falls in love with. This role if you remember was earlier said to be played by Shilpa Shinde of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain until she was surrounded by controversy and banned by CINTAA.

rochelle in kapil sharma show The Kapil Sharma Show Has Angered the Nurse Community   Know the Complete Story!

The Nursing Staff is Angry and Agitated

In the show we see Rochelle acting very sensuously and also acts quite clumsy. Well, this  has not gone down with the nursing staff from various medical colleges and hospitals in Punjab. They even staged a protest at Guru Nanak Dev Hospital in Amritsar and later on filed a complaint against the comedian Kapil Sharma. They even slammed Navjot Singh Sidhu, who was BJP’s Lok Sabha MP from Amritsar earlier.

IndiaTvb67cb6 navjot singh sidhu The Kapil Sharma Show Has Angered the Nurse Community   Know the Complete Story!

Raj Bedi, the state general secretary of Punjab Nursing Association told a leading daily,

“How can Sidhu be a part of a show like this that demeans someone’s profession? He keeps laughing at jokes made about the medical profession, including those on doctors, even when his wife Navjot Kaur Sidhu (Amritsar-East MLA) is a doctor! We as a community expected that Sidhu would not support this nonsense and such vulgar jokes. Nurses have been objectified on the show since its beginning.”

The nurses filed a complaint against Kapil Sharma and the police have assured them due action.

A nursing student also told the daily,

“This is insulting; no nurse behaves like this in real life. We are part of a dignified profession.” Another added, “The kind of relationship that has been depicted between a doctor and a nurse on the show is derogatory. Our community is against the kind of uniform worn by the actor Rochelle Rao, who plays a nurse.” Another nursing staff member mentioned, “Doing comedy is one thing but demeaning someone’s profession is quite another.”

Looks like this is just the beginning!

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