The end of a seventeen year old alliance between JD(U) and BJP is significant of growing political ambitions and conflicts. Will an aspiration for the Prime Ministerial candidature turn the tables for Indian Politics?

Modi Mania has taken its toll again and this time the casuality has been JD(U). The political bosses of the erstwhile party has laid to rest 17 years of political marriage which was instrumental in keeping Mr Lalu Yadav’s RJD away from the mainstream policy making for Bihar. This has now added one more cog in the wheel of the Third Front.

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So what made Mr Nitish Kumar dump the BJP and thus the NDA bandwagon? Was it the political opportunism or the ever growing status of Mr Modi that he is scared of? These are the questions which are intriguing in nature and one cannot rattle the fast changing political chimera of this country. With the end of political marriage of JDU and NDA and the resignation of convener of NDA, Mr Sharad Yadav, the talks have started to begin for the formation and bringing to life another political jamboree called “Third Front” as in conjunction with the “Third World”, the third front might not see the light of the day in such a tepid political scenario and the reason “Why not? “ is quite simple to Confront.

The main political parties which have shown their liking for coming together and form the election storehouse is Janta Dal United (JDU), Trinamool Congress and Biju Janta Dal (BJD). Now let’s dissect what lies behind the political mindset of these parties and why they are up against the Congress and BJP?  One reason could be the sure shot “political Boycott” of BJP Star Candidate “Narendra Modi” around whom much of the political fantasies have been created ( let’s not forget the Nitish kumar was hell bent to bring the BJP to voice their nodes off and is pressurizing it to declare its Prime Ministerial Candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabha Polls).

Another politician who hones the ‘Secret’ dream to be the prime minister is Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav, the patriarch of UP politics who can change the game in anybody’s favour. There could be a far reaching possibility of him to join the third front but it could be anybody’s guess what his whims and fancies would be while doing so. His arch rival Mayawati can also be given the fodder to join the camp but it would certainly be a tough candidate to pacify, specifically if the likes of Mulayam Singh is already positioned himself in with a major say in the political potboiler.

The vacant position of the Prime Minister enchants the connoisseurs of power, of course it is the most coveted political chair in the house of cards and if this can be taken into account a susceptible reason for the end of a 17 years long era, then this will cast doom for the political parties, considering the point that all the three benchmark politicians nurture the dream of being at the “Hot Seat” of political dynasty.

Simply this can be paraphrased into an English proverb “Too Many Cooks Spoils the Broth”. While talking of numbers, these three combined fetch not more than 53 Lok Sabha seats and this number is well below what is needed to form the government at the centre. Even if these parties convince other regional parties to join the third front, then also these parties won’t touch the finishing line to cast away the likes of Congress and the BJP.

In all probability, the Third front, if at all it comes to the picture would need outside support of the Congress to rule the roost at the centre. But again the key question lies with the fact that who shall lead the third front and more so who would be “Unanimously” be dome the cap of Prime Minister?

Going by the political traditional, our parliamentary system has never ever been mature enough to handle the incredulous mix of regional political parties to bring to power a definitive government which lasts its full term in office. Consider the case of the 13 day BJP government under the leadership of Sh Atal Bihari Vajpayee or Coalition government of 1979 led by Morarji Desai, none lasted its full tenure.

The wheel of time shall spell the beans for all of us but one thing is for sure , this political season, many people will rise from the dead and mantle new beginnings & who knows we see a “Dark Horse” emanating from nowhere doming the hat of the much talked about political chair of this country “The Prime Minister of India”.

By Sanjeev Jaggi

Image Source: IANS

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