Thoughts on India-Chinese Military Fellowship

Thoughts on India-Chinese Military Fellowship

Thoughts on India-Chinese Military Fellowship – After earlier China had an argument with India over the dispute over the Doklam plateau, the Himalayas, now India is strengthening its alliance with China marked by an agreement to expand military relations. Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, on a trip to India, told Indian Prime Minister Narendera Modi this week the friendship between the two countries returned to ancient times. The results of the meeting were decided to expand relations between their armed forces in terms of training, joint training and other professional interactions. These two countries grew into two new competing forces at the regional level, marked by the development of nuclear weapons, a developing economy, expanding military budgets and appearing to compete to have influence in regions in South Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf, and Africa.

American capitalists who are full of hypocrisy expose the truth that there is interference from Western colonialism policies over the future of India. At present India considered to be racing economically. India also wants to end its poverty. Behind capitalism, India opened this country to the destruction of the economy through capitalist and colonialist policies. Democracy guarantees the privatization of large sources of income and then burdens the entire population by retreating taxes to cover the shortfall. The Indian rulers wanted to promise more than before because they were fully committed to the current capitalist system and agreements with colonialist financial institutions.

The US wants to borrow Indian power to rival China’s political and military aggressiveness. At the same time, the US controls Pakistan to compete openly with India. The US borrowed the power of India and Pakistan to stem China’s political and military expansion, while using both countries to stem the potential of a new Islamic Khilafah, which could potentially stand in South Asia and Central Asia. Against Pakistan, the US continues to work to bury the Kashmir problem in order to facilitate the rise of India as the dominant power rivaling China and Russia. The US is working to form a peace agreement in Afghanistan with the support of Pakistan, to secure a permanent US military presence there, right on the doorstep of the world’s only Muslim nuclear-armed nation. Ironically, the Pakistani ruler announced his willingness to ally with the US and support his plans for India and Afghanistan.

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