Some interesting thoughts on what goes wrong and how we can avoid it, to make a relationship work

Youth is like a river.He is full of vigour and energy transgressing and transcending places,uplifting himself and realising his dreams and ambitions. His vitality and vigour is unmatched. Lofty dreams and creative ideas is what defines the young generation of 21st century.But one must remember when the river overflows, it creates turbulence and floods.The effect is devastating.

Youthfulness is a gift by GOD.This is the time when one encounters the romantic side of one’s personality.Some tend to find the love of their life or some end up making decisions for life. But it is quite evident that breaking relationships,social abuse,stiff relationships and violence has become a major challenge for the youth today.

At the end of the day one must remember relationship is a fabric woven by numerous threads and a slack in any one can spoil the whole cloth, if not stitched in time.Let us explore the reasons and solutions for this.

Faulty Relationships

A first hand knowledge in majority of the cases hint that the relationship was not based on strong commitment from both sides. A relationship won’t last unless it is forged from both sides. Be extremely careful in relationships. Collect plenty of information about the person who you are planning to choose as a partner.

In this regard common set of friends, Facebook or observation helps.A relationship for flirting or fun might backfire upon you if the other is entering in to it seriously.

Commitment Thoughts on Relationships

Possessive Attitude

It is also seen that relationships based on the attitude of possessiveness earn negative results.The era is of choice and democracy.One cannot curtail the right or preference of others.If the other side feels the need of breaking the relationship one must give way to it rather than being an obsessive lover. Always remember Love enriches from passion not obession.It might be painful but as an educated and stable person understand that you have invested in it honestly but things just didn’t turn up the way they should have.

Other Constraints

These may lead to minor arguments due to time and space constraints in relationship.So one must be ready to give ample time and space to the loved one.Also pursuing common interests may do wonders.

Relationship Thoughts on Relationships

Indulge Family

This may sound absurd in a country like India where parents are always skeptical of relationships.The awareness and maturity has just not sink in.Or may be it is the way we have been doing it since past.But times have changed and parents are understanding that children have now become conscious of themselves and are showing faith on them.It is seen that families in which children share their relationship status rather than hiding around the bushes or public parks are more mature and reliable ones.In fact the family support is always there when things go wrong.

Say NO to Violence

Adopting to physical or social abuse is the worst you can do.One should behave humanely in the worst of situations. Keep your cool and think thousand times before hurting any one.Specially man should understand that physical violence is an escape route their weakness.Also forcing any one is just not legitemate.If any one has suffered violence be bold and take the legal route.

Consult the local police and they will certainly help.If the person is from an influential family and the local police is not making fast moves go to the higher authorities share your story on forums like India Opines or with media.In the era of IT and computers social media is the best pressure group for the government or anti social element.Do not hide your story just for fear or shame.Bear no more!

no violence Thoughts on Relationships

Be Cooperative and Create Awareness

If some one sees cases of violence in public be a help and counter the aggressor rather than sitting and complaining.What is happening with some one else can happen with you also.

Strengthen Youth

We young people behave in some what the same manner and understand each other better.With common set of ideas we must indulge in discussions.Sites like India Opines is a great platform to discuss and share issues.All the young turks should share their viewpoints and give solutions to such problems.Also share your story so that others find some inspiration and take cues from it.

By Kumar Gaurav

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