In their pursuit to win people’s confidence, our politicians end up pulling some extremely silly acts. A look at some of the political comedies of our time.

I am thankful to God for having blessed me with a chance to live through the era of political comedies. I am also indebted to our politicians of almost every political party, irrespective of their ideology, might and orientation, for improving my health through their unparalleled actions. You will be wondering what our politicians have to do with my health. But it is true; our political leaders are certainly true ambassadors of modern health therapies. They are so concerned about my health that they almost every time and with almost every deed, make me laugh and my doctor says that laughing improves my health. Even the great Leslie Nelson, whose Naked Gun series created so much hilarity, would have lost the race against some of our politicians to make me this cheerful, round the clock.

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It is too difficult to choose a particular episode from every day political comedies. Most recently, it was the turn of the people’s representatives of a big state, to make me chuckle. The unfortunate communal riots and the degrading humanitarian situation in the refugee camps in the state were making headlines in the national dailies. But the people’s representatives found it right time to have a foreign tour to study; well, I do not know exactly what they intend to study, may be about the developmental paradigms in the commonwealth countries. ‘The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’ of the state, consisting of legislatures and ministers, had gone for a 20 day foreign trip; pardon me, ‘study tour’, to Turkey, Greece, the Netherlands and United Kingdom. But as far as I know, none of these countries are members of the ‘Commonwealth’, except United Kingdom. Certainly we must be proud of our politicians who, very graciously, sacrificed a lot including their people’s everyday issues, in order to make a ‘study tour’ to non-commonwealth nations, under the banner of a commonwealth association. What else I am supposed to do as an ordinary citizen other than to laugh at the humorist side of the episode. Of course I am relieved because I believe that our politicians are only comedians, not villains in the drama played in the nation’s political theaters.

The incident in one of the other big state made me giggle.  The chief minister of the state vowed to illuminate his people’s households with the power-saving CFL bulbs.  He ordered to distribute around a million CFL bulbs in the households. Truly, a great in initiative to save energy. But he made it sure that all the bulbs were pasted with a smiling photograph of the chief minister himself. I have not seen any of these bulbs and thus I do not know where the photographs were pasted, whether in the holder or in the tube. It would be interesting to know how much human effort was wasted, sorry, utilized in this political comedy turned tragedy. Think that a man can paste 500 pictures a day, it would take 100 people to work 20 days to complete the task. But the chief minister was unlucky. Only half of the CFL bulbs could be distributed before the assembly polls, thanks to the acclaimed efficiency of the state government authorities. Rumors spread in the state political circle that the CM was so sure of winning the elections that he wanted the other half of the CFLs to be distributed to his people after the elections as a gift for electing him for a second consecutive term. But his effort to light up his people failed to illuminate himself and his party in the elections. After the electoral defeat, he requested the next government to remove his photograph from the remaining half a million CFL bulbs and distribute them among the people which they would anyhow have done without his recommendation. I believe that the process of removing the photograph would consume double manpower than to paste it because eliminating something unwanted is always difficult than just creating something unwanted.

There are many more political comedies I desire to describe. But dearth of space denies me the opportunity. I want to be cheerful all the time and thereby improve my health but certainly not at the expense of our good political leaders. Sadly some of their actions expose the utmost immaturity and inability to identify with the political moods and people’s aspirations. I do not want our politicians to play cheap comic roles in the political dramas. Surely they are good talented actors than they actually seemed to be.

By Ganesh Hariprakash

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