What should “reservation” ensure and should only some of us have it or should all of us have it?

Tatkal, a word familiar to Indians in terms of railway services. It’s not an ordinary service like Sanjivani (nectar) which treats patients left with no hope and option.

As sanjivani (nectar) is not everyone’s cup of tea, because of its unaccounted value. In the same way tatkal too is not everyone’s cup of tea. Though whatever be the cost of getting these services and its consequences, TATKAL provided by Indian railway is unquestionably adorable. Tatkal is a scheme that allows a last moment confirmed reservation ticket. And being Indian we all know how it feels when we get confirmed reservation ticket. It becomes an opportunity for celebration. What I am talking about here is the reservation, yes the above played drama is all about great Indian reservation (aarakshan) policy.

Reservation in India It’s Time to TATKAL

Whose new mega star is Hardik Patel, a young 23 years old mega star? I know we all have our respective views regarding reservation (aarakshan). Before Hardik lead mass movement I was against the reservation policy but now today I am staunch supporter of reservation (aarakshan).

Everyone who feels reservation is their right must be given reservation. Be it Patel, Pandit or anyone else. It should have nothing to do with caste, creed, religion, sex or any other such grounds. One may belong to the top strata of society. One may be a tribal or city dweller. If one wishes to have reservation he must have it. It is our birth right just like freedom and we must have it.

And those who oppose that no one should be given reservation must be treated like an evil to this society. At the same time, those who don’t wish to take reservation must maintain silence like our leaders who practice tight lipped politics and confine themselves to their own business…

Hardik Patel rally It’s Time to TATKAL

I am Indian and I know what reservation means…

What I came to know about the objectives of reservation is that it must be given to those who are socially, economically and politically deprived from the main stream of society. Its objective is to bridge the gap in society in order to strengthen the nation. I hope it was the view of our constitution makers too.

Reservation is a kind of protective cover given. Here I am not to talk about constitutional provision, commissions report, government policy, Supreme Court judgment/order. If 50% of reservation is sufficient for social protection and nation building then it must be given, if 100% is required then it too must be given. Just forget about all provisions and courts decree.

Reservation must be given if it ensures:

  • Equal social status not on government paper but in a practising society
  • That girls having reservation would not be teased, harassed, raped and burnt for dowry and are given desired humane respect and honour
  • that a tribal dweller becomes a civilized city dweller
  • that the gap between rich and poor will be bridged and everyone will be treated as an Indian citizen with equality
  • that untouchables share plates with “touchables”

We have seen seven decades of independence, still our society is characterized by discrimination on the ground of caste, religion, rich & poor, touchable and untouchable…

Hardik Patel Speaks about Reservation for Patels…

We have one of the largest youth population, at the same time we have largest number of unemployed youth. Culturally women in India are treated as deities but practically they are robbed every 20th minute. Seven decades after independence our leaders promise us of unemployment allowances (Berozgari- bhatta) and tap their back on announcing it.

Such a nation does need to have reservation irrespective of caste, religion, creed, sex or anything else. And in order to have it we need people like Hardik Patel or anyone else. Reservation must be given not to any particular section but to the whole nation. And this reservation must be confirmed like TATKAL. Now on, NO waiting only TATKAL…

By Diwakar Jha 

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