The broken marriage broke her. To top was her unexpected pregnancy. Against all odds, she chose to be a single mother and not abort it.

 Her droplet-sized eyes reserved fantasies greater than the water ocean had within. Like any ordinary girl, fancy reveries webbed her mind too. Redness of the furrows that her cheeks carved out amplified more as the calendar rode unto 21st January, the wedding date.
pre wedding ‘Her Brave Choice’
The fact marriage wasn’t a bed of roses was drilled into the deepest of her matured neurons. But, her fate rolled out not even a single petal of joy. In fact, it turned out to be thornier than the thorns. Six months after the seven vows that unified them for don’t-know how many incarnations, the scrawled signatures be-freed them from each others intolerant presence.
divorce ‘Her Brave Choice’
But the ugliest her ugly destiny could bewilder her with was her pregnancy test confirming her nearing motherhood. Not knowing how to react, whom to discuss with, she ruminated upon her conscience and single-handedly decided to embrace this single motherhood.
A life could have turned back, had a mother’s voice not rose against all the odds and embrace it.
unexpected pregnancy ‘Her Brave Choice’
By Prerna Daga
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