They can neither stop being partial to their country nor stop bragging their favoritism in the commentary box, Meet the ten most biased cricket commentators

The role rather duty of a commentator is to keep the audiences well informed about the ongoing match, maintain the integrity of the commentary box, and provide deep insight about the game. However, in Cricket we have not one  but many commentators who just cannot get away from their prejudices – Worst, they can’t stop giving their biased view and remain partial towards their country men all the time.

Introducing them one by one –

1. Mike Atherton

Listening to Mike Atherton is like overhearing a tete-e-tete between a group of English men who presumes that everyone is on the joke. He always goes gaga over the great bowling of English bowlers specifically Stuart Broad, Jimmy Anderson and Graeme Swann. During one particular match between England and India in England, he said to Harsha Bhogle – “Though it is England, it is India which has more support in the stadium, and the pitch too is assisting ‘YOUR‘ spinners, says a lot about our hospitalityBhogle quickly snapped back saying, We let you rule our country for so many years, this is the least you can do for us.

mike atherton Top 10 Most Biased Cricket Commentators !

2. Rameez Raja

Mr. Raja never misses pissing any and every cricket fan with his “DOOMSDAY PREDICTION” of a team (any team) going through a tricky phase while playing against Pakistan. With a foot in his mouth, he actually doesn’t believe in myths such as “make sense when you talk“.  “Pakistan is a very good team” – Rameez Raja comments during a WI-Eng match. #RandomCommentary

RAMEEZ RAJA COMMENTATOR CRICKET1 Top 10 Most Biased Cricket Commentators !

 3. Ian Healy

Ian Healy, I guess, he has surgically removed his one eye. Sitting in the Channel Nine Commentary box, he can see nothing but the Australian cricketers and talks very much from the Aussies’ vantage. His favorite hobby is to challenge the umpire’s decision whenever a non-Aussie player is declared “NOT OUT.”

ian healy biased commentator Top 10 Most Biased Cricket Commentators !

4. Sanjay Manjrekar

Nobody actually cares what Mr. Manjrekar has to say. No wonder he is called a BCCI agent. Of course, he is a major blunder as Indian commentator. For instance, he will compare India’s best with Pakistan’s best, and give brownie points to Indians without actually making any sense or justifying why the former is better.

sanjay manjrekar biased commentary Top 10 Most Biased Cricket Commentators !

5. Tony Cozier

Another country lover, this old chap cannot just stop going on and on about West Indies even when they are not playing the game. He is more like an unofficial West Indies Goodwill Ambassador than a cricket commentator.

Tony cozier commentator Top 10 Most Biased Cricket Commentators !

6. Sunil Gavaskar

A Live commentary is certainly not Gavaskar’s forte. Still, he doesn’t stop being lame and continue with his blatant favoritism time and again.

sunil gavaskar biased commentator Top 10 Most Biased Cricket Commentators !

7. Arun Lal

Mr. Lal has a natural tendency of raving about his favorite Indian player without any reservations. Though his English is good, and he has a good insight of the game, it is his knowledge of Indian conditions and players which makes him biased to Indian cricketers. He is always found pissing the firangi commentators in the commentary box with his annoying laughter and biased thoughts.

arun lal troll Top 10 Most Biased Cricket Commentators !

8. Ranjit Fernando

Welcome to Ranjit Fernando’s commentary – Every Sri Lanka player is a match winner to him. A commentator is supposed to give credits to the players where the credit is due, but he is simply not ready to do. In a game between India and Sri Lanka, it was Irfan Pathan’s good delivery that bowled out Jayawardene hitting his middle stump. But Mr. Fernando simply whined, “It was not a good bowl but Jayawardene played a very bad stroke and gave his wicket easily.”

ranjit fernando commentary sri lanka Top 10 Most Biased Cricket Commentators !

9. Harsha Bhogle

Commentators should stick to what’s going on as viewers aren’t so naive that they can’t draw conclusions, but being suffering from Verbal Diarrhea, Harsha Bhogle just can’t do that. He has a habit to take a discussion towards his direction, that is India and Mumbai Indians. Though, he tries too hard to be neutral, he cannot hide his biased nature.

Harsha Bhogle Top 10 Most Biased Cricket Commentators !

10. Ian Chappell

Mr. Chappell thinks Australia is an invincible team and no one can/should beat them. He called Shahid Afridi an idiot captain when Pakistan defeated Australia in World Cup 2011. Criticism is Chappell’s middle name but it doesn’t much apply to the Australian players.

Ian Chappell 3 Top 10 Most Biased Cricket Commentators !

Perhaps, it won’t be a bad idea if ICC introduces a panel of commentators soon!

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