The IPL is not only about huge sixes and field splitting boundaries. Let’s take a look at some of the very best catches that have been witnessed over the years in IPL

The IPL is not only about huge sixes and field splitting boundaries since the presence of some of the meanest athletes on the planet also makes it possible for the batsmen to be dismissed by way of amazing catches. Let’s take a look at some of the very best catches that have been witnessed over the years.

1 Chris Lynn Stops the Show.

Most of the time it is a great piece of bowling or an outstanding shot that decides the game in the last over but Chris Lynn decided this game in favour of the KKR with this outstanding catch that killed off any chances that the RCB might have had of winning the game.

chris lynn stops the show o 1 Top Ten Catches In IPL Matches


 2. Gurkeerat Sets the Outfield on Fire

Till the ball reached the fine leg fence it looked like a certain boundary, since when it comes to hitting on the leg side New Zealand player Ross Taylor is peerless. However, Kings XI Punjab’s Gurkeerat Singh ran a fair distance to come within sniffing distance of the ball and dived full length to catch the ball that was travelling towards the fences in a tearing hurry.

gurkeerat sets the outfield on fire o Top Ten Catches In IPL Matches

3. Pollard’s One Handed Brilliance

If Pollard is at the boundary flat hats to the boundary are never safe and Shaun Marsh found it out the hard way. It was an excellent shot but Pollard used his height, incredible reflexes and bucket like right hand to take a catch that must have shocked and dismayed the young Australian.

pollard one handed brilliance o Top Ten Catches In IPL Matches

4. Rahane Does a Jonty

Jonty Rhodes is the fielding coach of the Mumbai Indians but Rajasthan Royals’ Ajinkya Rahane took this catch that would have made the South African fielding great proud beyond measure. The full length dive, the perfect time and the fact that he actually caught it with both hands makes it a catch for the ages.

rahane does a jonty o Top Ten Catches In IPL Matches

5. Ponting Makes Unmukt Chand Suffer

Unmukt Chand, the great hope of Indian cricket was all set to launch the IPL VI with a flourish in 2012 but his very first innings was aborted with this incredible one handed diving catch by former Aussie great Ricky Ponting. Ponting has taken such catches during his prime for Australia but to pull this off at the age of 2 scores is an incredible feat.
ponting catches chand o Top Ten Catches In IPL Matches

6. Pollard Leaves Dhoni Speechless

The CSK skipper does not usually show his dismay or astonishment on the field of lay but when he was caught by the towering Kieron Pollard in the mid wicket boundary he looked at the fielder for a split second before trudging back to the pavilion. As a commentator would say, it had six written all over it, but Pollard had quite a different plan.

pollard leaves dhoni speechless o Top Ten Catches In IPL Matches

 7. The Hussey Stunner

This sort of a juggling effort in which the fielder palms the ball away, goes beyond the boundary to maintain his balance and then returns to the field of play to complete the catch has been many ties in the IPL over the past few seasons but David Hussey remains the pioneer of this brand of fielding. This catch is one for the archives, no doubt.

hussey stunner o Top Ten Catches In IPL Matches

 8. Yogesh Nagar’s 15 Minutes of Fame

You might not remember the unremarkable exploits of Delhi Daredevils spin bowler Yogesh Nagar during his stint with the franchise but this particular catch that he took to dismiss none other than Sanath Jayasuriya would remain his moment of glory in the IPL. Full marks to him.

yogesg nagar s 15 minutes of fame o Top Ten Catches In IPL Matches

9. Vinay Comes to the Fore

Fast bowlers are known to be lousy fielders but Vinay Kumar proved that stereotype wrong with this gem of a catch off his own bowling. However, it must also be conceded that he had no other options but to catch it when he realised that it was 100 miles per hour missile coming off the bat of David Warner.

vinay comes to the fore o 1 Top Ten Catches In IPL Matches

 10. Shane Warne Comes up With an Old School Stunner

In his salad days Shane Warne was regarded as one of the meanest slip catchers in the world and in the IPL in 2009 he took this catch to show to the world that even after retiring from the highest level he was not past his prime as far as catching behind the wicket was concerned.

warne catches gambhir o Top Ten Catches In IPL Matches


By:  Soham Samaddar


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