The day since Modi laid the foundation stone of Shivaji Memorial off the Mumbai city’s coast, variety of retorts have been hurled against this project.

Very recently, Narendra Modi commemorated the foundation stone of memorial for Chhatrapati Shivaji, an extravagant project worth 3600 Crores, off the Mumbai city coast. The tentative year declared for its completion is 2019.

The day since its foundation, the project has attracted a slew of varied criticisms. Some, seeing it as an over-priced project, find it a futile decision ratified by Modi govt. Some denounce it as a filthy vote-bank politics by politicians to woo Hindus. Some, albeit, are positive about this initiative, some are still clouded to up-vote or down-vote this venture, while, some simply are ignorant about such national proposals.

shivaji statue mumbai Towering Statue Of Shivaji In Mumbai – Is It At All The Need?

Inconclusive conclusion

Such project can raise both approvals and disapprovals in one’s mind, upheld by rational reasons respectively. Likewise, this article would too elucidate on, both, its bright and dark sides, its favourability and un-favourability and whether or not, it does any good to our country.

Not that my pen intends to blow a communal touch in this article, but what my mind simply can’t resist asking is why is it that to build a statue of any Indian Muslim hero like ‘Akbar’ or ‘A.P.J Abdul Kalam’ is never initiated by the central or state govt.?  And why shouldn’t it cross one’s mind when all the queued up statues under construction(Statue of Shivaji, Statue of Unity, Hanuman Statue, Statue of Sai Baba and so on)  are somewhere of Hindu origin. After all, you can’t stop logical minds from being inquisitive about their cross-questioning. Hence, communal association with this project can’t be dissociated.

chetan tweet against shivaji statue Towering Statue Of Shivaji In Mumbai – Is It At All The Need?

Second, can Chetan and the like-minds of same feathers enlist that what other better projects could have been undertaken in lieu of this project? To them, who so considerately want such humongous amount be invested on fruitful projects and benefit farmers rather than the world’s tallest statue being cemented and contribute zilch towards the eradication of plight of farmers or poor, can they really cut off watching movies in theatre and donate the same in any charitable organization? Because, this step in a populated country like India can really amount to ginormous charitable amount. But would they really do? No! Never! Then please, such souls better need not advise govt. where to allocate their funds for and where not.

The GOI of India, if have earmarked such huge funds for Shivaji’s statue, must have taken a better picture than what you, me and other citizens are capable of taking. Why don’t people realize that every project that govt. undertakes has not always got to deal with poverty and farmers. Some projects are to boost tourism, to glorify the heroes of History, to instill pride within the countrymen and much more, but only if you, me and others could take a deeper insight.

By Prerna Daga

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