Getting stuck in traffic and that to be in Delhi is like the most chaotic task one can ever go through!

With unbridled enthusiasm we leave our home in Delhi to head to a party with friends and all we encounter is huge traffic. The time has vanished when donning the right dress was the biggest problem but now the bigger problem has come out to be “How to go”. Yes! I know the girls reading this can very easily understand the intensity of getting frenzied.

delhi traffic Traffic in Delhi Really Sucks! ~ Readers Voice

Getting stuck in traffic and that to be in Delhi is like the most chaotic task one can ever go through. The horns getting bumped every now and then make you irk even more than standing still and gazing the traffic lights for, seems like hours.

The red traffic light looms in front of our eyes and makes us feel pity on ourselves that why did we even leave home. We might have had more fun being there! 

Then comes the moment which might have managed to intensify our mood between all the chaos; the moment when after hours of traffic our car refuses to budge as soon as it gets a glimpse of green light. Then we feel like shouting that it was undoubtedly the moment we had been waiting for from long!!!

Eliciting the truth, traffic in Delhi really sucks. What you can do to be lighthearted rather than getting fretted in the traffic is enjoy with what you have. It surely is difficult in the first go but you must give it a shot. Listen music, dance in your dreams and imitate people around.

So cheers to Delhi traffic and good luck for your new endeavor!

By: Sandhya Rikhari

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