The growth of technology has directly affected the transparency in all governmental actions; this empowerment of the people, especially the youth, foreshadows positive change.

It’s the world of the internet, smartphones and social sites. Just as technologies have evolved, the famous common man/woman of India has also evolved. He/She is comparatively more educated and well read, than he was ever before.
This has led to a substantive change in his outlook towards the politics and governance of this country. He now better understands the systems of the country.

rti Towards Transparency: Readers Voice

Hence, he/she  has become more demanding and is trying to hold the government accountable for its misdeeds. The social media and the rise of the internet has facilitated to make this desire of the common Indian a reality. The ‘soft copies’ of important documents and statistics are available on government sites. This has made the process of journalists, activists and active citizens to constantly keep a watch on the activities of the government. Also, the sites like twitter and Facebook provide the necessary support of reaching to people, destroying the location and time barrier. The television media, is also proactive than ever before, stings and exposes are on upswing.

Even a common Indian can now perform a sting operation, that is indeed an empowerment (I appreciate AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)’s Delhi Government to promote this). The RTI was indeed a necessary law (credit for this goes to the activists and not the government). The Aadhar project of government is indeed in right direction towards eliminating middlemen in the dissemination of government funds. However, it still has long way to go.

I expect a tremendous reduction in corruption with the digitization of the processes and the increased awareness of the citizens, especially the youth. With more and more technology comes more and more transparency.

By Dhiren Navani
[The author tweets @NavaniDhiren]

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