From Animal Welfare, to uniform civil code and urgent need for ‘change’ -Know the trending topic of discussion on 64th Republic Day of India!!!

Yesterday was the 64th Republic Day of India and many posts on Patriotism and Indian politics trended but the most trending post was an opinion on Animal welfare. These were the top trending posts on our community.

Close Surabaya Zoo – Sign the Petition, Animal Lovers!

An opinion posted by Deepti Verma on the sorry state of affairs in Surabaya Zoo and the plight of the neglected animals in the Zoo. The post comes with a link to where one can pledge his or her support for the cause of protecting those animals of the zoo. So if you are concerned for the animals then don’t forget to sign the petition by clicking on the link.

On Occasion of Republic Day . . A Need for Change

An article on the celebration of Republic Day and it’s relation to our constitution. The post focuses on two areas of the constitution – the issue of Reservation along caste lines and the matter of uniform civil code. Amidst the celebrations and noise the post calls for a rethink.

Meri Jaan Hindustan !!

A beautiful poem on Indian patriotism. The love for India has been very artistically put in poetic words and rhyming lines.

Thesis of Mohammed Ayub Khan

An opinion that calls into question the conclusion and findings of a thesis submitted by a foreign scholar. In the Post the portrayal of Indian minorities as an endangered community has been seriously challenged and countered with solid arguments.

So these were the top trending posts on our community. Read the above posts on our community , submit your views and reviews and most importantly express your opinions here in Indiaopines.

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