SaraswatiChandra is showing three different misunderstandings, Saras-Danny, Saras-Kumud and Guman-Kabir simultaneously. Here’s a sneak peak of the same..

Kumud (Jennifer Winget) and Saras (Gautam Rhode) are having their relationship lows in SaraswatiChandra. Saras is upset that his wife Kumud isn’t supporting him when he needs her the most. While Kumud is trying her best to manao her husband so that he talks to her.

saraswatichandra 3 300x300 The Triangular Misunderstandings in SaraswatiChandra

Danny is a bit surprised and gloomy as his thinks his brother deserted him when he needed him the most. He wonders how his brother Saras is least bothered about him now. He cannot focus on anything and even breaks down in front of his wife Kusum. Though Kusum tries to show him the positive side of Saras he is reluctant to believe. I really wonder, when will the misunderstandings between the two brother vanish?

saraswatichandra1 300x143 The Triangular Misunderstandings in SaraswatiChandra

Meawhile, I think the time has come when Guman will too get the dose for her ill practises in the form of Kabir. The reason? Well, Guman thinks Kabir is in love with her and so she can use him completely. While in reality Kabir himself is using her as he thinks since Guman assumes he has fallen for her, he can easily use her. This is ought to have negative consequences on Guman in the future.

In short, both Kabir and Guman are using each other for their own personal gains. Who will gain in this game is something which we cannot predict right now. However, one thing is clear and that is misunderstanding between the brothers Saras – Danny and the lovers Saras – Kumud.

Hope the misunderstanding doesn’t take too much time to clear or else we will doze off yet again. This time least bothered with the next plot of the serial.

By: Deepti Verma

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