Success is all about the journey and it is important for everyone to understand that.

Success, Passion, Dreams, Aims, Hope are all grandiose words in terms of their true meaning and are also correlative to each other. While everyone cribs for success, very few of them grasp the actual meaning, rest just keep on struggling throughout their lives.

What is Success?


But is there really a perfect definition? Of course not. You get success when you gain what you crib for. When we fulfill our dreams our passions our aims, that is success. It comes in small packages in different phases of life. For instance for a 3 years old child, winning his school race is success, for a teen getting a smart phone for himself is success, or just to pass exams is great success for a teenager, for a man lying on his death bed maybe his whole life was a success.

Success The True Meaning of Success


As Aamir khan puts it “kamyabi ke peeche, at doodo kabil bano kamyabi jhak marke tumhare peeche ayegi”. (never run behind success, just work hard so that it ultimately comes to you ). Follow your heart and you will get success in every sphere of your life.

It’s the Journey…


Unfortunately people become so blindfolded to gain success that they use ludicrous ways to get it. Success is quite often related to money, in my opinion success and money are not similar in every aspect. Money can bring you material success not internal happiness. A waiter working with complete dignity is more successful than a rich businessmen who attained success through feigned ways.

Dhirubhai Ambani, Shah Rukh Khan, Ratan Tata are big and successful names ,the inspiring part about them is they started from scratch, they never knew that they will be so successful one day, they just followed their heart without any trepidation.

Nobody is perfect. We cannot achieve everything in one lifetime. All you need to do is just follow the voice of your conscience. I believe that every individual has his/her own calling which makes them stand apart. We cannot always step back and become torpid, we will have to move our muscles, look out for opportunities and success will be ours.

Success is a Journey The True Meaning of Success

In my opinion there is indeed no mantra for success. You will get pain, but as it is said behind every successful person there is a painful story, and every painful story has a successful end.

But, never let success overcome your head, because, “Success is the journey, not the destination”!

By Alice

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