In Star Plus Mahabharat one of the best episodes was Karna’s death. Catch the emotional moment of Karna with Kunti and Pandavas. Don’t miss the great acting by Aham Sharma!

The death of Karna in the new Mahabharat was one of the best episodes of all the episodes the show telecast-ed on Star Plus so far. Though Karna’s death was known from the very first day of the Kurukshetra war, the way Karna (Aham Sharma) embraced death in the show was spectacular.

karna 1 The TV Death of Karna And Its After Effects in Mahabharat!

Indra And Surya’s Argument

As per Karna Parva and Kattaikkuttu play of Tamil Nadu, It is said that after Karna was hit by Arjuna’s arrow, and his soul was about to bid adieu his body, Surya (Karna’s father) and Indra (Arjuna’s father) had an argument over Karna’s superiority over Arjun. The two disguised as Brahmins came on earth where they asked the generous Karan to give some alms. When Karna said he had nothing to give, the Brahmins reminded him of his one teeth with gold. He immediately took a stone, removed the teeth and gave the Brahmins what they wanted, proving Indra wrong.

karna death tv mahabharat The TV Death of Karna And Its After Effects in Mahabharat!

Kunti and Karna’s Emotional Moment After Arjun Hit Karna in the Kurukshetra

However, though this after story was not showed in the TV Mahabharata, the episode took us away emotionally with all the drama and sentiments exchanged between Karna and Kunti, his mother, along with Karna and his estranged brothers, the Pandavas.

Pandavas including Arjun were surprised to see Kunti crying over the death of an enemy. The enemy who had not only called Draupadi a whore, insulted her but was also responsible for downfall of Pandavas at various instances. No wonder, though Karna was known for his generous nature and Dharma, he had befriended Duryodhana, and was warring against Dharma.

The dying Karna talked to his weeping mother Kunti, who repented her mistakes. After all, she was the basic cause for Karna’s struggle all throughout his life. A smiling Karna not only forgave her but also asked her, not to reveal the truth which she had hidden from so long.

The Pandavas Reaction

Seeing a weeping Kunti with the dying Karna on her lap (the dialogue same as that of Shah Rukh Khan’s Baazigar in the climax scene), Arjun asked her if he had done some kind of adharma by mistake. Kunti couldn’t control herself and revealed the untold story – ultimately pronouncing that Karna was their elder brother born to her out of wed-lock. Making Pandavas realize that Karna was not sutra putra but Surya Putra, the son of the divine Sun God.

arjun karna The TV Death of Karna And Its After Effects in Mahabharat!

Each Pandavas then realized how Karna, their elder brother on the insistence of their mother left them alive, even after defeating them in the Kurukshetra war. 

Yudhishthira, Bheem, Nakul, Sehdeva all remember their ill words towards Karna and repent. Meanwhile, Arjuna who has slaughtered his own brother ask for forgiveness. Karna only smiles. I must appreciate Aham Sharma’s acting here, because though he smiled, he did bring tears in the eyes of the viewers.

The Bitter Words of Radha for Karna’s Biological Mother, Kunti

And then came his foster mother who couldn’t control her tears. She blamed Kunti for killing her son and called her crocodile because crocodile has a tendency of eating her own offspring. Kunti being helpless keeps on crying while Karna assures his foster mother that he will always be her son only. He further gives the example of Shree Krishna ho too like him is a son of two mothers.

karna wife The TV Death of Karna And Its After Effects in Mahabharat!

And then when everybody mourns the death of their beloved, it is time for Karna to breathe his last. A sad end, the Karna who throughout his life craved for honor and dignity, got everything only after sacrificing his life for his brothers and mother. While, many of us think Karna, being a Dharma follower would have made a place in heaven there are stories which proves otherwise –

What do you think – Karna went straight into heaven for his generosity and nice behavior or was he sent into hell for his wrongdoings? 

By: Deepti Verma

Image Source: Karna, Karna FB

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