Akbar in Maharana Pratap is very different than Akbar of Jodha Akbar played by Rajat Tokas. Here are some of the contrasting sides of the same Akbar

Mughal Emperor Akbar was no two person and so it is very obvious that the great warrior had a definite nature, and characteristic pertaining to everything, whether it was war, women or work & development. However, the Akbar shown in the two competitive channel of Indian Television are drastically opposite to each other.

While, the Akbar of Jodha Akbar is more close to the Akbar that we have read all this while, the Akbar shown in Maharana Pratap looks more of a Sultan of Delhi Sultanate than a Mughal.

Here are the Contrasting nature and behavior:

Jodha Akbar1 The Contrasting Face of Akbar in TVs Maharana Pratap & Jodha Akbar

Maharana Pratap’s Akbar Lust Women while Jodha Akbar’s Jalal believes in th term “Love” and “Respect”

Jalal in Maharana Pratap is shown lusting Phool Kanwar, á nature which was often witnessed in Delhi Sultans. The way he makes his men in search of Phool, reminds me of Alaudddin Khilji who in the lust of Rani Roopmati even attacked Chittor and captured her husband.

On the other hand, Jalal of Jodha Akbar knows to respect women. He is never show lusting anybody. Even when he accidently fell for a girl (Jodha) when he went in Amer, it was always love and never lust. Besides, after marrying he never forces himself on her but is waiting for her to fall in love with him. This nature of Akbar is quite famous, even if he at all lusted then his lust was not what is shown in Maharana Pratap.

Maharana Pratap’s Akbar cuts off the hands of painter while Jodha Akbar’s Jalal is not even cruel to his enemies

Perhapas the makers of Maharana Pratap wanted to show how cruel the Mughals were and that is why they chose Akbar the scapegoat who ironically was the most tolerant of the lot. They showed Akbar ordering to cut off the hand of the painter who paints Phool Kanwar. Now, can you imagine Akbar of Jodha Akbar cuting off somebody’s hand that too a professional who solely depends on his hand for a living? Absolutely not, because the Akbar enacted by Rajat Tokas tries to be as just as he can. He can never be cruel to innocent lives. That is why, we see him trying his best to see his praja aka awaam in happiness.

Even then, not everything exhibited in the Jodha Akbar serial is true because Jalal here sometimes appear a bit of idiot and weak time and again. To everybody’s surprise, he always listens to the ladies out their without using much of his brain. Well, as per the records Jalal did listen to Maham but then he would have surely applied his brain too unlike what the serial throws at us., don’t you think so?

While Maharana Pratap shows Akbar as cruel, nasty and a shrewd person, Jodha Akbar potrays him as a tolerant, nice and a strategist ruler. Some might argue that both the potrayal makes sense because one Akbar has just become the Mughal shenshah while the other has become a bit matured and so changed post his marriage to Jodha. However, in that case can the basic nature like lust, cruelty towards innocent change?

Well, both the serial is trying to exaggerate Akbar’s nature. While Maharana Pratap more towards the cruelty side and Jodha Akbar more towards his soft side. Since, both the serial is running around the TV during the same slot, the audiences are in dilemma which show is giving them the actual thing.

But, in either case the authenticty of Indian Historical drama is in question mark in the eyes of its audiences.

By: Deepti Verma

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