Blunders, goofs and bloopers – Welcome to the World of Top Indian TV Serials with highest TRP!!!

TV Serial, these days are full of obvious mistakes and blunders. Here are some of  my observations:

Star Plus — Ek Hasina Thi

Up till now all the coincidences were bad enough but last week took the cake. They showed that Dr. Dayal Thakur has a locker to wish he leaves the key to Durga. The Bank Manager arrives at the Goenka Residence and hands over the key just like that, to Mrs. Goenka, who in turn goes and operates the locker to find documents in it.

tv serial ek hasina thi Top TV Serial Mistakes, Goofs and Blunders ~ Readers Voice

Now as far as I know, All lockers in banks are operated by 2 keys – one with the owner and the other with the bank. So, how come the key is with the manager who hands over the key and that to without any authorisation and signature from Mrs. Goenka?

Again no other person can operate the locker except the owner and the legal heirs, then how does Mrs Goeka operate the locker?. I wish the serial producers do some homework before dumping such wrong details on the viewing public.

The next TRP topper serial — Diya Aur Baati Hum

It is shown that 76 people have been hijacked — and that too for 2 days and more. What about their toilet facilities?. The flight is definitely not equipped for this kind of emergency. Again in all the serials it is shown how the phone is enough to trace the person then why is the police not doing so? Again the people have been in the plane for 2 days and they have enough electricity.

Aamir Khan promotes Satyamev Jayate on Diya Aur Baati Hum serial 0 Top TV Serial Mistakes, Goofs and Blunders ~ Readers Voice

Many of them are standing continuously and they are not tired? Please the serial makers for increasing TRP making feeding the public with a lot of nonsense. I wish that the people do some home work if not completely

By: Sudha Sridharan    
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