Meet here different types of father in law. Check out which one of them you have back at your home – The Pacifier, the Joru Ka Gulam or the Gossip King!

God could not be everywhere and so he sent mothers. Devil could not be everywhere and so he sent mother in laws. Mother in law was still insufficient, so the devil created her substitute – Father in law.   

Let’s today find out different types of father in laws, different ladies deal with.

1. Pacifier

He is very calm and patient. He plays role of a moderator between his wife and daughter in law and tries to create harmony in family but hardly anyone listens to him. 

babuji sansakar alok nath father in law Different Types of Father In Law

2. Dictator

Leave aside daughter in law, he doesn’t even let his wife live peacefully. He alone is equal to ten Mother in Laws (MILs). His ego is his pride and he fights – argues with everybody to prove his seniority in every matter.

Amrish Puri father in law Different Types of Father In Law

3. Gossip King but Coward

He is no less than a woman when it comes to bitching. He is rather one step ahead of his wife. Most of his time is spent in back biting and gossips with his wife and other ladies. This man with identity crisis is incapable of confronting people including daughter in law. 

PARESH RAWAL HERA PHERI Different Types of Father In Law

 4. Religious FIL who Stays away from Family Matters

He has little interest in home matters. He is kind of a mouse who wants to escape family life and problems, so he spends most of his time in temples and Ashrams.

religious Different Types of Father In Law

 5. FILs too much involved in Household Chores

He loves doing household work and at the same time pokes his nose in daughter in law’s way of working. He is always cribbing about cleanliness of kitchen, utensils, clothes, food, so on and so forth. He is the best substitute of MIL. 

sunil grover father in law Different Types of Father In Law

6. Joru ka Ghulam

Being his wife’s mouthpiece, he doesn’t have his own say in anything and is always influenced by his wife.  In order to avoid direct attack on you or neighbors, MIL uses his shoulder to fire a gun. To him, your MIL is the only perfect lady in the world.  

bhabasa diya aur bati hum Different Types of Father In Law

By: Sapna Madan

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