How many kinds of love have you been in? Read and find out . Its definitely more that one

I wonder what this post is inspired by. I guess it is sheer boredom leading to amused observations of love and its varied manifestations around me. In households and workplaces, restaurants and cafes, parks and cinema halls, metros and buses, if you look around there is a love-story brewing everywhere. Each unique in their own way.  Somewhere however, all these love stories start following a set pattern. At the cost of huge simplification, I will share here my observations which have come up with five types of LOVE-STORIES that there are around us.

The PDA Love

The PDA* love is the most viral kind of love that there is. You find this couple everywhere, giggling on bus-stops, fighting in the metro, sipping coffee from the same cup in coffee shops, college libraries and canteens, Central Park, museum, forts, ruins and almost every place you have ever been to. If not together, you find them on the phone usually enquiring about each other’s calls and diet records. This couple ranges from being extremely annoying to occasionally sweet for an outsider.

The Buddy Love

buddy love 5 types of love Five Kinds Of Love ...
This couple has probably been together ever since childhood. If not childhood they have met at some point of time in their life and realized they are each other’s clones. This couple does everything together. They read together, gym together, shop together, hitchhike, travel and party together. More often than not they don’t need an extended group of friends for their company is enough for each other. You will hardly spot signs of PDA in this couple and they almost always leave you wondering if they are just friends or more.

The Ugly Love

couple fighting 5 types of love around us Five Kinds Of Love ...
This couple honestly gets on my nerves. Ever since I have begun to understand the concept of love and relationships I haven’t been able to figure out why the Ugly Love Couple wishes to be together. This couple is almost always fighting, and no not the adorable fighting but ugly pulling each other down in dumps fighting. They will probably fight over everything, about how the other person doesn’t call or care, about how the girl talks too much to the guy’s friend and the guy still texts his ex-girlfriend. They will fight over too little and too much space, they will fight over the girl’s career and the guy’s family, they will fight in public and private, be disrespectful and disgruntled and yet at the end of a six days fight choose to come back together only to fight again by the end of the day.

The Silent Love

embrace Five Kinds Of Love ...
This is perhaps my favorite kind of couple. This is the safe and secure, bound by mutual love and respect couple. This couple can be sitting across the room and one glance towards each other will convey any thought that there is in the other’s mind. This couple hardly displays or professes love publicly but occasionally when they speak you sense the deep affection they have for each other. They don’t wear their commitment on their sleeves but it’s an unsaid vow that they are obviously meant to be together.

The One-Sided Love

5 types of love unrequited love Five Kinds Of Love ...
Ah. So who hasn’t known the one-sided love. It has happened to us and to the world around us. The One-Sided love usually takes its own trajectory where the person in loves goes from believing that the other will fall in love too to being disheartened at the absence of all such prospects. The one-sided love is around us in various forms, in the form of returned gifts, torn letters, unseen messages, tearful best friends, and soppy music.  The truth however is that the One-Sided love almost always comes with an expiry date, the person moving on sooner or later.

forever Five Kinds Of Love ...


 *PDA (Public Diaplay Of Affection)


By Shuchi Sinha


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