The most beautiful feeling in the space is love. It is of five types, each with different meaning.

Abilash is an auto- driver in Bangalore, like many other, just managing to make both ends meet. He drives a hired auto paying a daily rent of Rs 150/=. The  auto often gets into serious repair and the owner doesn’t fix it. While hiring the auto,he had agreed to pay for all major repairs. But now he would not do as agreed. So what ever little Abilash earns would first go for the repair. Abi is unmarried but has a widowed sister , her 12 year son and a sick mother to support. In this situation, the owner of the auto came one day, demanded the auto and forcefully seized it.What can poor Abi do against a rich owner ? He did what he could,that is he cried. Nothing worked. The auto was gone. The only means to earn his daily bread was gone. He went into a shock and didn’t know what to do. He does not know any other job, as he has been driving auto for the last 15 years or so ever since his family migrated from northern Karnataka. Yet, he tried for any other kind of job,but couldn’t get a suitable job. He got a job 15 kms away,for just Rs 6000/= with over timing. The entire family starved, striving hard to live with water and a wet cloth tightened over the abdomen. If only someone comes forward to lend Rs 40000 ,he can go for a new auto with loan for the balance! But who will lend Rs 40,000  to a downtrodden man ? It doesn’t make business sense to lend to a man without any assured means to repay!. But surprisingly, help did come, from someone not related to Abi in any way. He knew him for sometime as an auto driver.Now he understood Abi’s plight.He knew that it is a’ live’ or’ die’ situation for Abi. He lent Rs 40,0000/- blessed him and Abi got a brand new auto. This is  a real story that happened in 2014. Now what made the donor give this kind of amount to a man in distress ,not related to him ?What kind of love the donor had that made him to lend Rs 40,000 to a broken man,with little chances of repayment? love Because Love Has Different Shades Kinds Of Love ! Storge Love   This is the love due to blood relationship and so called ‘familial love‘ also. Love between father and  children,mother and children and among siblings is what we term as storge love.  A mother loves her son or daughter because they are her children and were a part of her. This love springs from the organisms’ instinct for preservation of the species.In a way,there is an element of selfishness in this kind of love. storge Because Love Has Different Shades Philia Love is the love between close friends. In friendship, there is mutual interest or benefit generally. But exemptions are not ruled out. A true friend can go to the extent of giving up his life to save his friend. philia Because Love Has Different Shades Eros Love  love is sexual love. eros Because Love Has Different Shades Kadhal Love  is also a kind of sexual love where the love is focused more on being together than on sexual gratification. In Eros and Kadhal love, the underlying force is the sexual drive that helps preserve the species.(Kadhal means ‘deep love’ in Tamil) Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer Stills1799Mm8127 Because Love Has Different Shades   Agape  Love  is the unique unconditional love of God for all creations. That is the love you don’t deserve yet get free. Agape love is found in all creations. It was reported in papers,that a cat was found  guarding a little baby abandoned by her mother , in a cardboard box. The cat stood on the box and meowed till some one noticed the baby and saved it .There are many such more instances.This kind of love moves this world and all that inhabit it.This is the love that saved the helpless auto-driver Abi from the brink of disaster. agape Because Love Has Different Shades Qualities Of Real Love ! Often we find many people say ’love you’ and all.Do they mean what they say or is it just  a routine formality  ? Do we know the meaning of real love ? What are the qualities of real love ?Let us see. love resides in heart Because Love Has Different Shades

  • Love is patient.

Some of our loved ones keep committing the same mistake again and again despite our admonition.But ‘genuine love’ forgives and forgets even repeated mistakes.Yes,its patient.

  •  Love is kind.

Kindness is the hallmark of love.

  • It does not harm.
  • It does not envy.
  • It does not boast.
  • It is not proud.
  • It does not dishonor others.
  • It is not self-seeking.
  • It is not easily angered.
  • It keeps no record of wrongs.

Often we keep a mental record of what others did to us.But real love forgets any offence immediately and does not keep records.If you have any such records delete it today itself.

  •  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
  •  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
  •  Love never fails.
  • Genuine Love is always unselfish and unconditional.

Often we love our children based on their academic achievement ,looks etc.That is not love.Genuine love is always unconditional. How to show ‘Genuine Love’to every one around

  • Let us realize how blessed are we and show our gratitude for the blessings  by our love to others.
  • Let our love flow from our heart.
  • Show equal love to all our children.When I celebrate the birthday of any of my 2 daughters,I buy both of them new clothes and make both of them cut one cake. This I did till they reached a stage of understanding.They never envied each other because of this practice.
  • Genuine love helps in distress and offer support in need with whatever possible.
  • Genuine love does not expect anything in return for whatever help done .

Let us show love to all and make this earth a planet of genuine love ! bible quote about love love Because Love Has Different Shades (Based mainly on Holy Bible,1 Corinthians 13)

By Sundar A.S.

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