Maharana Pratap is known for his courage and valor but was his father Udai Singh II as brave as him?Was he a real Rajput like his Veer Putra Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap was noted quoting, “If there was no Udai Singh in between Maharana Sanga and him, both Mewar and Chittor, would have got its independence.” He was being absolutely correct because Uday Singh II, founder of Udaipur and Father of Maharana Pratap brought only disgrace to the dynasty by fleeing from Chittor after it came under Akbar in 1568. Perhaps, more than him his generals Jaimal and Patta deserves honor as they protected the fort for more than 4 months and even managed to flee Akbar’s army until Man Singh helped Akbar in this episode, ultimately killing Jaimal and Patta.

Rana udai singh ii 300x300 Udai Singh II was A Coward unlike his Veer Putra Maharana Pratap

While, our historians had the modesty to leave aside all the negative traits of our legends while addressing the masses or communicating with the next generation, the world of internet, social media, ebooks and TV serials now seems to be breaking boundaries by exposing mainly the negative traits. No one has been barred, neither Jawaharlal Nehru nor Uday Singh II. However, everything from these sources too cannot be grasped in its raw form because stories in the serial and books are generally historical fictions.

Ok, coming back to Maharan Pratap’s father Uday Singh II. Sony TV have been telecasting Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maha Rana Pratap Singh and I see a lot of people protesting against the serial, mainly because they think they are showing the Rajputs in negative light – Or are the protesters a bit insecure as they now fear that if the channel continues showing negative traits and weakness of their community, it will bring a big disgrace to the legacy which they have been carrying from so long. Rajputs are technically considered as brave and might, aren’t they?

For instance, the television serial Maharana Pratap shows how Shakti Singh was not a favored child of Rana Uday Singh II, and also gives the audiences a chance to think from Shakti’s point of view. No wonder, Shakti Singh thought of joining hands with Akbar instead of supporting his own father.

Looks like, the protesters are annoyed because Uday Singh II is one of those imperfect father and husband which they do not wish to see, just like the coward Raja Bharmal of Amer who gave the hand of his daughter Jodha into the hands of Akbar, a Mughal emperor.

Maharana Pratap Haldighati 300x200 Udai Singh II was A Coward unlike his Veer Putra Maharana Pratap

Or is it, that the protesters are themselves ignorant of certain fact which they think is not appropriate. Perhaps what is irking them is the fact that Uday Singh II was biased towards his young and beautiful wife Dheerbai who was so manipulative, that she could even convince him to make her son the heir of the dynasty, even when Pratap Singh was elder brother and of course more capable than Dheerbai’s son.

In addition, why such a hush hush about an intimate scene in the serial? Is showing an intimate scene between a husband and a wife on a TV show against the law of the land or is it morally not correct – what is it?

Nevertheless, it is well known that Rana Uday Singh II had fallen prey to his youngest wife who acted as a kaikai in their family. Again, I heard the protesters screaming that Dheerbai was not Udai Singh’s wife but a concubine. If only, these protesters would brush up a little bit of history and were ready to accept the negative aspects of their glorious past and legends.

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Rana Udai Singh II By Tanvi12 (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons, Maharana Pratap at Haldighati Daniel Villafruela via Wikimedia Commons