Hindi is automatically projected as ‘National Language” by central govt.! All media helps this effort by calling Tamil,Kannada etc as regional languages.

It’s interesting to note that in India,there are things which thrive without any sort of law required to enforce it and things which cannot survive even if you have a stiff constitutional law enacted for ensuring it! Some examples may help one to understand it clearly. While approving residential layouts,reserving ‘recreation space’ is compulsory.So while obtaining approval,some space is shown for recreation and approval obtained.Later,that space is never used as a park but ends up as a vacant bushy space for stray dogs to play around.Thus the law promoting recreation space in residential areas never works in India! But,take the case of providing a temple in a layout.

There is no mandatory requirement for provision of a temple for layout approval but a temple comes up automatically,as people are interested in it.So it’s the ‘interest’ factor that drives one to act more than the threat of punishment under law.Promotion of Hindi by the ruling class is one such ‘interest’ area that drives action.

Once the ruling class is ‘interested’ in something,they leave no stone unturned to achieve their purpose.They use all legal tools as well as ‘practical methods’ that may not be strictly ‘legal’,to achieve their ends .Here are some interesting methods employed by the Centre to promote Hindi aggressively much against the wishes of the non-Hindi speakers.

  • The Constitution of India DOES NOT provide for a ‘National Languageas there cannot be a pan-Indian language.Hence,it follows that all Indian languages are ‘Indian Languages’ Now,the ruling class devises a plan to circumvent this rule and project Hindi as ‘National Language’ by adopting a ‘simple but clever trick’.They call all Indian Languages OTHER THAN HINDI as REGIONAL LANGUAGES !Now,Hindi is automatically projected as ‘National Language”! What a master stroke ! All media helps this effort by calling Tamil,Kannada ….etc as REGIONAL LANGUAGES invariably,in all their usage and references! This practice is made so perfect,I have never heard any media referring to Hindi as a ‘Regional Language’ even accidentally !They know that they can cleverly defend that we did not call Hindi as ‘National Language’! When it comes to languages,they refer  invariably as ‘Hindi and Regional Languages’ in all their messages.This is a kind of soft brain-washing against national integration and imposing minority Hindi hegemony over majority people.This kind of practice of projecting is legally called ’holding out’ .Here it is ‘holding out’Hindi as the ‘National Language’ without ever telling so.
  • Let us get to understand another clever trick adopted for promoting Hindi..As per definition ‘Official Language’(Google result) is”Typically a country’s official language refers to the language used within government (e.g., courts, parliament, administration).

hindi not our national language The ‘Unconstitutional’ Methods Adopted For Imposing Hindi

[1] Since “the means of expression of a people cannot be changed by any law”,

[2]the term “official language” does not typically refer to the language used by a people or country, but by its government.”

So ‘Official Language’ is for internal communication only AND NOT FOR PUBLIC COMMUNICATION ! This means Govt cannot publish a notice to public in ‘Official Language’ BUT IN THE LANGUAGE KNOWN TO PEOPLE ONLY!For example,the British had English as Official Language but always published their ‘Public notices’ in what they called ‘Vernacular Languages’  like Hindi,Tamil etc.However,now the Centre uses Hindi for lot of Public Communication even in non-Hindi areas.Schemes are named in Hindi too. This is against the rule and makes all Central Govt Scheme names,publicity etc. a clever trick to impose Hindi.This also makes PSU’s like SBI/ LIC’s Hindi Scheme names for Tamil customers a trick as it is not internal communication !

hindi nationalism The ‘Unconstitutional’ Methods Adopted For Imposing Hindi

  • The 3rd trick they follow is the ‘Hotel Trick’ .Suppose a restaurant serves ‘coffee’ normally and if you ask for ‘tea’,they won’t say that they don’t serve ‘tea’ but would say ‘coffee’ is readily available and ‘tea’ may take a ‘little while’!Many customers would then go for ‘coffee’ instead of waiting for ‘tea’So ‘coffee’ becomes the default beverage automatically.The strategy is’Make’tea’ a little difficult to get’. Here Centre serves’Hindi’ as default and acts as if ‘tea’ is also served. Eg.IRCTC displays one full page of Hindi matter covering the entire screen and giving an impression that no English version is available but it is hidden below.Unless you are  smart to scroll way down,you won’t know that English option is there.
  • Next trick followed as projecting Hindi is India’s language globally by various ways like PM Modi  addressing Tamils in Singapore in Hindi ! This trick pays and now even MNCs have started believing in the Hindi  story! ‘Trivago’ an MNC travel portal has recently released a Hindi advt ! Advertising Companies in India are so insensitive to consumers and more keen on Hindi promotion,they release foolish advertisements translated from original Hindi versions that makes non-sense in local languages.They are not bothered about pleasing the consumers but go on Hindi promotion .Few samples:

DHFL Home Loans – ‘Home like loans’ (?)

SNAPDEAL—“unbox zindagi’ –What the hell does it mean in Tamil?

SNAPDEAL UNBOX ZINDAGI The ‘Unconstitutional’ Methods Adopted For Imposing Hindi



AMAZON—October Sale—Horrible! What do you want to convey?

GOVT OF INDIA—-Swach Bharaath-Alien cast,irritating dialogues delivery!What do you say ?

HIND LEVER—–Swach children saying something ‘Kaivaibum’ –Disgusting!What does ‘Hind Lever Muyarchi’ in the end mean?Utter waste of your money,leaving only irritation in the end!

RUMMY CIRCLE-‘rokkam jeyinge’ means what?

CADBURYS-‘Sappidu-meimaranthidu’ is a rude,disrespectful statement.’Sappidunga!Meimaranthu Poiduveenga’is the correct statement.Why can’t you engage Tamilians for Tamil translations?

VIM-‘Kashmirilirunthu kanyakumari’ not spoken by a Tamilian.So irritating !


HORLICKS-uneasy male voice ,so irritating!

FLIPKART-Horrible Tamil dubbing by Hindi children

PARACHUTE JASMINE-Horrible dubbing

IODEX-“headache does not come in body”What the hell does it mean?

BROOKE BOND 3 ROSES-Horrible Telegraphic dubbing

This is rare as commercial companies would like to please their customers by speaking their language and increase their sales!But Indian companies and MNCs have become ‘Hindi Promotion Agents’ of the Union Govt.!

  • Yet another interesting trick employed by the rulers is ‘using Hindi words’ at strategic ‘points’ or ‘timings’ As already discussed both Hindi and English are ‘Official Languages’ of the Union.This means either Hindi OR English may be used for communication.Union Govt has trickily interpreted this instruction as MIX OF ‘English+ Hindi’ (sort of ,Engdi )can be used for communication by the Union Govt ! So,at a strategic point during an English discussion our PM would switch to one Hindi word that no one on the other side would understand.For example,after 2 hours of discussion on a crucial issue ,all in English,our PM would conclude’Fine,I agree to your proposal subject to ‘beti bacho sagarsh’ or something similar in Hindi which would embarass the non-Hindi participant and make him blink ! Here,these 3 Hindi words turn as bombs and decide the ‘end’ !      They are so strategic by their placement ! Hon’ble President’s recent English speech delivered in Parliament contains so many Hindi words ,no English man would ever understand what is meant by it.That means that it is not an English speech ,as claimed and no Tamilian knowing English can understand !Take a look !

modi sabka sath sabka vikash The ‘Unconstitutional’ Methods Adopted For Imposing Hindi

Sample-First 3 Paras

“1. In this Basant season of renewal and resurgence, I welcome you all to this Joint Session of both Houses of Parliament. This is a historic session heralding the advancement of the Budget cycle and merger of the Railway Budget with the General Budget for the first time in independent India. We gather once again to celebrate democracy, a cherished value and culture that has prospered throughout the long history of our nation. Indeed, a culture that guides my government towards Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas.

2. The ideal of saha na vavatu, saha nau bhunaktu– May we be protected together and blessed together with bliss – has inspired our civilisation from time immemorial. This year marks the 350th birth anniversary of the great Sikh Guru – Guru Gobind Singhji. We are also observing the one thousandth birth anniversary of the great saint-philosopher Ramanujacharya. The luminous path of social transformation and reform shown by them serves as a beacon for all, and is an inspiration to my government.

3. This year marks the Centenary year of Champaran Satyagraha, which gave a new direction to our freedom struggle and channelised janashakti in the fight against colonial power. Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals of Satyagraha instilled in every Indian an indomitable self-belief, and spirit of sacrifice for the larger good. This janashakti is today our greatest strength.”  President’s Address

I bet no English man can understand this speech in full as Hindi words are used in strategic points as a planned communication challenge.The no of Hindi words may be few but their strategic use  alters the meaning of the sentences completely.

So,the constitutional mandate of communicating in English to non-Hindi people is fully defeated by clever mixing of Hindi at strategic points of message.Imagine,if the same trick is followed by a Kannadiga during an English discussion with the Hon’ble PM Modiji!Would it not be irritating to him?

To conclude, this issue is much more serious than it appears.Every citizen of India should be worried of this trend of promoting Hindi at the cost of majority non-Hindi people which will surely dent the national integration , already plagued  by multiple religions and castes.

By Alvaro Hans

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