Culture of India can make any one fall for it. Rajasthan is one such state of India whose sweets add on more oomph to its rich culture.

Rajasthan is known for its rich culture and heritage. Its forts, palaces,customs, music and many such attract tourists in large number s.Those coming to Delhi-Agra invariably include state in their programs. Having a taste of local cuisine is an important part of a tourist’s itinerary. Like its culture here, cuisine is also rich. In India, every region has its own popular sweets, e.g. Rosogulla from Bengal,Pooran Poly in Maharashtra, Pedas in Mathura and Jalebis and Ladoos in North India. But there are certain varieties of sweets which were invented in Rajasthan,and you would not find them in any other part of country. Of course at certain places, few migrant Marwaris are preparing these but the uniqueness of local taste is always missing. Following paragraphs describe some such sweets of Rajasthan.

  1. MAWA KACHORI– Some writers describe it as stuffed pastry. This is a large sized Kachori stuffed with mawa or khoya,dry fruits, cardamom, jayfal etc. There are 2 methods for final servings.After stuffing this, it is dipped in sugar syrup for few minutes. Syrup or chashni is served with Kachori and one can pour warm syrup on this before eating. This Kachori was invented by a halwai or sweet maker Sh.Rawat Mal Deora in Jodhpur,150 years ago. For last 60-70 yrs.this item has become very popular throughout the country.


2.GHEVAR– This is also a popular item made in marriages and also in social religious functions. This is a speciality of Jaipur which is capital city of state. It is mostly prepared with Maida or fine flour,butter& sugar.The art lies in developing the perforated structure on this.It is garnished with dry fruits and saffron. Apart from normal variety, Rabri ke ghevar is also popular, upper surface is coated with Rabri layer.



3.DILKHUSHALThis is a variety of Besan ki barfi. Apart from Besan ,equal amount of khoya is added and thoroughly mixed. This is always prepared in desi ghee or butter, which is added in so much quantity that when a piece of this is put on paper, it becomes translucent in few minutes due to percolation of ghee.



  1. DILJAANI– The name itself generate lot of curiosity. This sweet was developed in the royal kitchen of Udaipur in south Rajasthan. And late on became part of common men’s menu card in marriages. It is very similar to normal boondis of north India. First of all small boondis are prepared and then dipped in syrup, only difference from others is that fresh orange juice is added to sugar syrup, which gives a very KHATTA-MEETHA taste to this dish.



Apart from above, Moong Daal halwa is also popular sweet of state but now in used in entire north India.

By Rakesh Goswami

Images are author’s self-contribution.

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