US educational authorities are scrutinizing that few universities in US as they appear to be warehouses than universities.

The USA has always been one of the most favored study destinations for the Indian students. These days, two universities are getting popular in US-  Silicon Valley University (SVU) and Northwestern Polytechnic University as flocks of Indian students are joining them.

However, US educational authorities are scrutinizing these universities as they appear to be warehouses than universities.

svu university Universities Or Fraudsters?

The continuous landing of Indian students at these two universities is raising eyebrows of people as they are linking it to terrorist attacks in the country. However, they claim that they are not blacklisted. Due to this issue, the Silicon Valley University issued a statement saying that rumors of it being blacklisted or proceeding with extra screening measures are not true. SUV students are safe and not being targeted.

Similar to SUV, Northwestern Polytechnic University is also rumored to be blacklisted. It said in a statement that there are media outlets who are distributing false reports about it being blacklisted by US government. It clearly stated that it’s false.

tri valley university Universities Or Fraudsters?

On Monday, about 30 odd students appeared at the building campus. Most of them belonged to Hyderabad and nearby regions. They stated that almost 70% students are from India in the university. However, they emphasized that their stay is legal with proper documentation and visa. They attend classes. This is unlike the scam in “Tri-Valley University” in Pleasanton in 2010 under which Immigration and Customs raided the university beholding its Chinese founder who was responsible for the visa scam. This resulted into many Indian students being deported to India who had spent lots of money in order to stay in states.

These two universities, however have campus and conduct classes. Silicon Valley although running a campus is not close to Stanford or UC Berkeley’s level (due to its website’s condition).These have similarities with Tri-Valley, as they have faculty from China and Taiwan. Students also belong to India from Andhra and Telangana.

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