World Cultural Festival conducted by ‘Art Of Living’ racked up a lot of environmental concerns but each of them was a rumor to politicize.Get it clear now.

The event surrounded by controversies was deemed a huge success by the followers of Art of Living.

Unfortunately, for reasons out of my hand I could not attend the event. In fact, I did not even cross DND during this jamboree to avoid the legendary Delhi traffic jam.

Did I miss something by not being a part of the event which saw the likes of Arvind Kejriwal, Arun Jaitley rubbing shoulders?

If you look at the event from the political perspective, I am sure I missed the perfect “smile please” moment. With the two adversaries, Kejriwal-Jaitley sharing the same dias without even uttering the unspoken word “DDCA” on stage was nothing less than a magic.

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The respectable Ravi Shankar ji has done what no one could do.

This definitely is the real Art of Living – in peace.

If only, he had invited Sonia Gandhi ji (this was an international event. I am sure her birth in Italy would not have been a hurdle to get her on stage) and made her share stage with the likes of Modi ji, Kejriwal ji, Jaitley ji, the art of living would have turned into a perfect picture moment for the world to see.

Bigger and better than the kejri-Jaitley moment.

The next day headlines in the newspaper would have been “This is what we call The Art of Living”.

art of living Unlearning The Art Of Living

So what did this mega event achieve other than getting AAP and BJP on the same stage?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar recently said “India has proven to the world it has the capacity to do something gigantic. Now we can even host Olympics.”

I hope Suresh Kalmadi did not read this.

He would be licking his lips on the very thought of another sports event coming to the country.

Seriousness apart. This article is to prove the detractors of Art of Living wrong.

I was filled with anger when they were busy spoiling the image of our country by blocking this noble art of living event.

The Mango Men of this country were fooled by few environmentalists (one of them included the son of Asaram Bapu). I am sure, he had some environmental agenda behind this .

We all need to understand that ‘The Art of Living event’ was not responsible for causing any damage.

The critiques wasted their time criticizing Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. According to them, the Art of Living is doing everything against what it stood for. One of the everything here is “destruction of the natural habitat of life which resided on Yamuna banks”.


I beg to differ sir and ma’ams.

First and foremost, Art of Living is an all exclusive human club.

There are no birds, animals or any other form of life included here. They only teach humans on how to live life.

Have you even seen them train dogs, birds, pythons? No.

So why do we expect them to care for birds, animals, etc?

I do not see any space for considering the habitat of birds, pythons or any of such creäture who would have been affected by this event.

They were never the target audience of this event.

We were to only raise eyebrows if PETA or SPCA or any such organization related to the well-being of “other living beings” was to do an event over their habitat. Since they cared for the other “living beings”

The organization was empathetic to the poor people and population of Delhi – the real target audience.

They did not raze an illegal colony of poor people or conducted this event near India gate. Something they could have easily done with support from ruling party and army.

They ensured the traffic woes of Delhi did not reach central Delhi by avoiding India gate.

Sri sri ravi sahnkar Unlearning The Art Of Living

As rightly pointed by an enlightened soul, Yamuna banks by the side of DND were nothing but drainage of Delhi.

Yes, sir. You are right. They were ‘nalas’ emptying the drainage of Delhi.

You just did a noble task by clearing it all in 3 days.

This is not an easy task but a herculean task only possible by the support of AAP, BJP and the followers of the art of living.

ss ravi shankar  Unlearning The Art Of Living

God bless them all.

By The “Learned” Mango Man at indiaopines blog

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