Manmohan Singh’s government (UPA II) has done good work as far as Indian economy is concerned.

Crying foul has become a national pass-time for India and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is enjoying it this election season. There are many wrongs that emerged out of UPA II but as the government is coming closer to its wind up at the Centre, one needs to sit back and think whether we are becoming increasingly cynical about everything. UPA II has transpired as an excellent example of what a choice of bad and self-serving politicians in the cabinet could do to a government. There is no denying of the fact that there have been wrong doings but a few achievements by UPA II have completely been overshadowed by the corruption and under performance discourse. The national media is not to be blamed as there is so much to talk about what went wrong, enough to fill the airtime. The nation definitely ‘needs answers’ but are we willing to give a 360 degree look at the UPA II it wasn’t? Remember there are always two sides of a coin. While internally, we might be reading the situation too much into the lines but there are certain positives that cannot be ignored.

Manmohan Singh’s government has done good work as far as Indian economy is concerned. When the two major world powers, US and European Union were reeling under economic slowdown, Indian economy was strong enough to stay unabated by these external pressures. The average gross domestic product (GDP) steadily grew at an annual average of 7.6 percent. There is a rise in status of India from being a mere welfare state to a nation which is now one the world’s richest economies. The $2 trillion National Income mark has ensued confidence of foreign multinationals to invest in a big way on brand India. The public expenditure has increased ten times than it was in 2004 under NDA. Education is one such sector. Government’s Right to Education Right (2009) clubbed with Sarva Siksha Abhiyan is a huge step towards universal education. The number of Central universities has gone up from 17 to 44 in the last decade. Social security has also been bolstered with the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) and the Food Security Bill of 2013. Aadhar card is another social security tool which will change the way common will be receiving his subsidies and benefits. With so many other legislations waiting to see the daylight one wonders if the Opposition could have allowed undisrupted functioning of Parliament.

By Akash Tripathi

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