The Kapil Sharma show has a new entry in the form of Upasana Singh. Read the details

When Kapil Sharma and Co. decided to quit ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ to start ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ on Sony TV, Upasana Singh aka Pinky Bua decided to stay back with Colors.  The lady had a contract with the channel and she was okay with the idea of staying back as the channel had promised that her character ‘Pinky Bua’ would remain the same.

However, six months later Upasana Singh decided to quit the show, and the moment he quit ‘Comedy Nights Live’, she got a call from Kapil Sharma and team to join them. Next, they worked on her character for few days and tonight she’ll be making her grand entry in the Kapil Sharma Show.

upasana singh Upasana Singh aka Bua Enters the Kapil Sharma Show

Pinky Bua Will Now Be Twinkle

In the show Upasana Singh will be playing the role of Twinkle. Unlike, CNWK, Upasana isn’t a damsel in distress but a married woman. In the show she will be married to Naseem Vicky who played the role of Bittu’s servant in CNWK.

bua final show Upasana Singh aka Bua Enters the Kapil Sharma Show

Upasana Singh Is Happy To Be Back With Her Old Team

Upasana was welcomed greatly by her team. This is what she said –

“Everybody was happy that I am back. It felt as though I was never away. I have worked with the team for almost two-and-a-half years and we are friends. They understand me. After all, everybody decides what is best for him/her.”

upasana singh kapil sharma show Upasana Singh aka Bua Enters the Kapil Sharma Show

She Regrets Staying Back With Colors’ Channel

Stating her bad experience, Upsana Singh mentioned how she was not getting creative satisfaction by staying with Colors which finally made her exit the show. Here’s how Upasana narrated her story –

“I regret that I stayed back. My character Pinky Bua was very popular and I had a contract with the channel. When they told me that I can continue with the role, I stayed back. However, I wasn’t getting any creative satisfaction. My character was also dying. Even the payments were an issue.”

cnwk upasana singh bua Upasana Singh aka Bua Enters the Kapil Sharma Show

Kapil Sharma Approached Upasana Singh for the Kapil Sharma

When Upasana Singh was asked if she approached Kapil post quitting CNW but she said the other way round, “I got a call from Kapil’s team as soon as I quit the show. But it took some time because they had to work on the character.”


Upasana’s Entry Has Definitely Increased the Entertainment Level of the Show

Though we have been loving the Kapil Sharma show, it would be interesting to watch Upasana as Twinkle in the show. Her entry was bang on with a lot of digs on Comedy Nights Live. She has added additional charm to the show. No wonder, she was the missing angle of the show.

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