Amazon Smart Phones are but the ‘shopping device’ , the most awaited smartphone and a point of interest of the gadget freaks. With it’s unique features it seems to be an instant hit!

Amazon Fire Phone The Upcoming Amazon Fire Phone: Sneak Peek By a Gadget Freak!

Welcome to the new ‘shopping device’; as stated by Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon; on Wednesday (19th June 2014) in Seattle- the most awaited smartphone. Until years the world’s online retailer giant had been hush-hush about this product, the complete features of which are yet to be unveiled.

Till now ,what we have heard is that Amazon has played it big, by providing access to the Amazon app store that has over 2,40,000 apps and games.

6858 3 The Upcoming Amazon Fire Phone: Sneak Peek By a Gadget Freak!


The most outstanding feature of this device is the Firefly button placed on the side of the phone. Using this feature, the user can click over 100 million items and buy them instantly on Amazon web site! The product could be anything ranging from music and movies to Nutella jars. How this works is that the user can click the QR Code of the item he wishes to purchase.

amazon fire phone OS The Upcoming Amazon Fire Phone: Sneak Peek By a Gadget Freak!

The X-Ray feature provided with the Firefly, also identifies the kind of songs that the user listens to, prompting the user to buy the same via the Amazon website.  The Firefly software will be available to all the developers.

The phone has a 3D User interface; with four front facing cameras. As the user tilts his head the phone reads his movement. As unique as this might sound, the Amazon Fire is said to perform a number of basic functions when it is tilted. The phone’s teaser advertisement confirms this when we see the users tilting their heads and smiling!

140618 amazon fire phone 2110 6774b54d239e0c82b87cf80e4917e545 The Upcoming Amazon Fire Phone: Sneak Peek By a Gadget Freak!

With a 4.7” screen, 720p display and a snapdragon processor, the phone comes right in line with last years Moto X.  What Amazon can really stand out in, is the cost. One of its most famous strategy being the interest free Kindle Fire purchase option; We know that Amazon has always been an aggressive player when it comes to pricing.

For a limited time, it will give Fire Phone buyers a free year of its Prime service—a $99 value, which includes free two-day shipping on Amazon orders, video and music streaming, and some free Kindle books. Existing Prime customers can extend existing subscriptions by a year.

Amazon Fire Smartphone The Upcoming Amazon Fire Phone: Sneak Peek By a Gadget Freak!

Well the mystery began with the unique invitation sent out by Mr. Bezoz that had a purple book named Mr. Pine’s Purple House. The book is about this guy who had a white house like all the other houses on his street. And that inspires all the other houses on the street to paint their houses with all colors except for purple!  From what I make of it… Mr. Bezoz is trying to say that this phone will completely stand out of the competition! Even if competitors try, they won’t be able to remake the exact thing!

 By Medha Mukherjee

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