Zee Zindagi TV will air top rated Pakistani serials. Read more to know the list of the upcoming serials of Zee Zindagi

Zee Zindagi went live on June 23, 2014 with 4 serials – Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Aunn Zara, Kaash Mai Teri Beti Naa Hoti and Kitni Girhain Baaki Hai. But, but, but there are still many Pakistani serial which the channel will be soon airing, including some of the highest rated shows. Here is a list of the upcoming shows which will be shown in the coming days on aapka apna International channel Zee Zindagi:

1. Humsafar

Star Cast –

Fawad Khan as Ashar Hussain,
Mahira Khan as Khirad Hussain,
Naveen Waqar as Sara Ajmal

Directed By: Sarmad Sultan Khoosat

Written By: Zakir Ahmed from the  novel “Humsafar” by Farhat Ishtiaq

No. of Episodes: 23

Humsafar Zee Zindagi Upcoming serial 5 Upcoming Pakistani Serials on Zee Zindagi TV


It is a story of two exactly opposite characters Asher and Khirad who although do not love each other marry due to circumstances, and gradually also fall in love. Just when everything seems perfect in their life, Asher’s maternal cousin Sara and his mother Farida try to create misunderstandings between them by bringing Khizar too close to Khirad.

Asher thinks his wife, Khirad is cheating on him and orders her to leave their mansion and go. 4 years later, Khirad comes back in Asher’s life with his daughter Hareem. Asher cannot stop himself from getting attracted to Khirad, eventually re-uniting once again.

2. Kahi An Kahi

Star Cast –

Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui as Sheheryar (Sherry)
Ayeza Khan as Zoya
Urwa Hocane as Anam

No. of Episodes – 23

kahi an kahi zee zindagi pakistani serial 5 Upcoming Pakistani Serials on Zee Zindagi TV

Story –

What happens when a rich businessman’s kid Sherry enjoys playing with their driver’s daughter Zoya from the servant quarter? Well, Sherry’s father Mr. Kamal sends him abroad to study. But, childhood friendship which can be potential love isn’t so easy to forget. So, when Sherry is back from London, there isn’t much that Mr. Kamal can do to let Sherry be away from the lower class girl Zoya. A beautiful scripted story, Kahi Un Kahi takes us back to the fight between higher and lower strata of society where people distinguish each other only in terms of money and a love relationship between these two classes is only considered as a taboo.

3. Meray Qaatil Meray Dildaar

Star Cast –

Mehwish Hayat as Maham
Ahsan Khan as Umer
Adnan Siddiqui as Bakhtiyar

Directed By: Asim Ali

Written By: Zakir Ahmed

No. of Episodes: 26

Meray qaatil meray dildar 5 Upcoming Pakistani Serials on Zee Zindagi TV

Story –

Maham, a young sweet middle class girl falls in love with Umer, her rich colleague. After lot of nautanki, the two gets married. However, Umer’s maternal aunt who wanted to marry her own daughter creates problem in their married life. In addition, joins Umer’s brother too. Umer and Maham, eventually heads off for a divorce. Next, Maham, marries Umer’s brother Bakhtiyaar to teach Umer’s family a lesson.

4. Ishq Junoon Deewangi

Star Cast –

Deepti Gupta as Seep
Humayun Saeed as Sahil Sher
Humaima Malik as Pares Usmani

Directed By – Babar Javed

Written By – Momina Duraid

No. of Episodes – 21

Ishq junoon deewangi pakistani serial zee zindagi 5 Upcoming Pakistani Serials on Zee Zindagi TV

Story –

Husband is the director, wife is a script writer leading a happy life and working in conjunction. However, one day the wife pens down a female character and enters a “woh” in the life of pati patni.

5. Ishq Gumshuda

Star Cast –
Javed Sheikh, 
Humayun Saeed, 
Samina Peerzada, 
Sarwat Gillani, 
Asif Raza Mir, 
Aamina Sheikh, 
Hina Khwaja Bayat

Directed By – Hassaim Hussain

Written By – Noorul Huda Shah

No. of Episodes – 21

Ishq Ghumshuda Amina Sheikh 5 Upcoming Pakistani Serials on Zee Zindagi TV

Story –

A tale of three childhood friends – Ali, Aleezay and Neha, Ishq Gumshuda is all about hidden love amongst them, who are as different as chalk and cheese. With two girls and one guy, this happy friendship story also has a triangular love story hidden in it.

By: Deepti Verma

Image Source: HumsafarKahi An Kahi, Meray Qaatil Meray Dildar, Ishq Junoon Deewangi, Ishq Ghumshuda

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