Know why inviting US President Barack Obama to India is a big message that now India has changed for the better –

For some people visit of US President is significant since it gives a powerful to the world community that the two nations are very close in terms economic and strategic relations. For others the meeting was nothing more the photo opportunity to highlight and market their own govt and hide negative points. Whatever be the outcome one thing is quite clear it is really an important trip by US president where for the first time such a powerful person come to India on such a historic day which it celebrates as a Republic day of India.

obama mitchell modi india Why Visit of US President is Important?

Friendship with US is vital for Indian since on global front nothing moves without Uncle Sam permission. If we see the global trade and GDP, US is at the top everywhere. Indian vying for permanent seat in the UN for a very long time and for that US vote is must. Besides that India is surrounded by two hostile neighbors Pakistan and China. Both of them flexing their muscles in different ways.

While Pakistan is engaged with India through proxy war with the help of terrorists who are getting all  kinds of training, support of the Pak army through its extended wing ISI while china on the other hand is making military might in all formats from navy, army to air force. Too close to the border with India it has made many airfields where Chinese army is positioned along with modern weaponry.

Obama Modi Joint Press Conference Delhi 650x400 Why Visit of US President is Important?

Invitation to US president Barack Obama is well defined move which indicates India’s change in the global strategy and relationship with the super power of the world. Here in India was close to Russia, but due to gradually decrease in power of Russia in the global community it was imperative for Indian to make headway in different directions. As the saying goes, we cannot chose neighbors, but we can make friends as per our choice and need. If India wants to be a global player it cannot remain a passive player on world stage.

Today or tomorrow it will have to move an extra mile to make good relations who can give it technology, military hardware, resources which can help it to achieve double digit growth. Without good growth, poverty cannot be reduced and employment will not be created for the millions youth who makes a large chunk of Indian population. So inviting US President to India is a big message that now India has changed for the better.

By: Hitesh Pundir


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