If you think only a Bollywood hero can have a rags-to-riches story, you need to read this real life story of a Vada Pav vendor from Ulhasnagar, Mumbai

If you think only a Bollywood hero can have a rags-to-riches story, you need to read this real life story of a 42 year old Vada Pav vendor, Prem Tejumal Gurudasani of Ulhasnagar, Mumbai. 

vada pav vendor crorepati rags to riches story From Vada Pav Vendor to Crorepati with RTI as a Magic Wand!

Living in acute poverty all through his life, and earning Rs. 150 a day by selling vadav pavs, Gurudasani never even dreamt of becoming a crorepati until news from a customer at a Ambernath Tea Stall changed his life forever.


The customer who turned an angel informed Gurudasani that his grandfather had left two plots in Kalyan, Mumbai –  One at Ashalegaon (2 acres) worth Rs 5 crore and another at Wadeghar (7.5 acres) worth Rs 30 crore.

 Gurudasani who had no idea about these plots filed an RTI application as soon as he heard about the plots. However, he realized that the local Kalyan land mafia had usurped both the plots by making a woman pose as his grandmother.

Armed with all the evidence, Gurudasani soon registered a FIR. Acting on Gurudassani’s complaint, the Kalyan police began a hunt and cracked down on the land mafia, arresting one of the accused in connection with the case. 

If everything goes well and in the right speed then soon Gurudasani’s will get Rs 7 crore as his share in the ancestral property. His elder sister will get 40% of the property and the rest 3 (including himself) will get 20% each. 

The two plots were alloted to Gurudasani’s grandfather by Central Government after he was displaced post-Partition. However, the local mafia grabbed the land when he died on April 19, 1984. Irony lies in the fact that even Gurudasani’s grandfather Radhomal Minhomal Chichariya wasn’t aware of such an allotment.

More than being a crorepatti, Gurudasani is happy that he will get to see his wife and two kids soon, who left him 3 years ago because of his low-income. His meagre earning could hardly support his family which became the cause of his everyday fights with his wife. However, he now hopes that she will come back soon.

Hope, Gurudasani get both his property and family back!

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